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    Share a memory when your team was clearly outclassed

    I've mentioned this here before, but second round of the state tournament in 2019. Our girls played the best game they've ever played. We held a vastly superior team to just four runs. Defense made plays, our pitcher wasn't walking girls. They played so well. But they had a pitcher the likes of...
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    Why do you Umpire?

    I knew I should've found a way to squeeze "thin-skinned" into my joke.
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    New 3b Coach here

    This is so obvious and perfect and I've never thought of teaching it that way. We have worked many times on runners picking me up, what to do, etc., but the idea that they're scoring unless I stop them is great. I'll be using that.
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    Why do you Umpire?

    Please add "for the one-man power trip that comes from ruining an innocent child's day" to the list of options. :)
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    Why do you Umpire?

    Please add "for the one-man power trip that comes from ruining an innocent child's day" to the list of options. :)
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    Two B Teams same Org

    Yep. Our school teams play in a rec league. We have a few B level travel players. They hold their own. A couple of them would be C level stars (and they mostly dominate rec ball). None of them are currently A level. All of them know how to play the game, and they're all well beyond the...
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    open gym

    It's open gym, so it probably won't be (and shouldn't be) very structured. It won't be like a tryout or a practice if they're adhering to what "open gym" is supposed to mean. What that means for you is that you may not get much direction, so you'll have to jump in on your own.
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    Slappers home to first

    I'm steadfastly in the camp of "these kids aren't anywhere near as fast as people think they are," but this is a good point. Just look at it this way: If you have everybody race 15 feet, they're all going to be within a step of each other. The more distance you have, the more separation you'll...
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    Two B Teams same Org

    We absolutely have a different perspective here is the absolute nicest thing I can say in reply.
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    Two B Teams same Org

    You're describing rec ball, not travel ball.
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    The role of Victimoalogy in sports

    This does appear to be what set the OP off, except then we went on tangents focused on the athletes themselves "playing the victim," when how the media handles a story (or a nonstory) has nothing to do with the athlete. Look, this year's NFL Draft was pretty gross in how every single player got...
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    The role of Victimoalogy in sports

    You're right, but that's why sluggers said this (emphasis mine): I still fail to see what the OP's issue is. Almost every example is about someone else (the media) telling stories that might be exaggerated or even untrue. Not only is this not what "playing the victim" means, it's also not the...
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    Hitting video Hall of Shame

    Can we just rename this thread the Jeff Fyre Hall of Shame? I accidentally found my way to his twitter account last night, and it's aggressively, proudly wrong about nearly everything.
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    The role of Victimoalogy in sports

    It's fascinating that people who can't handle a story about someone else overcoming odds think those who overcome those odds are the weak ones.
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    A Pitching Primer - What am I missing?

    I show that video to everybody when they're starting to pitch. "This is what pitching looks like." It doesn't tell you how to get there, but it's good to have an ideal example (in HD slo-mo) to watch over and over again.
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    A Pitching Primer - What am I missing?

    I already had included a link to the site, knowing it would be up this week. I will make a note to watch that video specifically.
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    A Pitching Primer - What am I missing?

    Most of those videos (at least from the first few pages) are in my primer! The only ones that aren't are ones that might be a little redundant or not as detailed of explanation as one of the others. Or, like with Rich's, I only include one but say "Watch all three!" I don't want to inundate...
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    A Pitching Primer - What am I missing?

    Ha! You're right. Though I'm not necessarily expecting them all to develop a bunch of little D1 prospects. If they're putting in rec-level work, that would be huge for us. You get them to where they can do well enough in our rec games, we can do what's needed to get them to thrive at our level...
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    A Pitching Primer - What am I missing?

    As I am only one person, and not a very good pitching-teaching person at that, I am putting together a little primer for my players (all ages) and parents who show interest in pitching. It's basically going to be a bunch of YouTube videos, plus any other sources (like DFP, Fastpitch Foundations...
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    Can one player...

    This is a great point. The situation I described is different, and one way it was different is that the player was able to play for us and her travel team. And I knew the travel team was the priority. I was not only OK with it, but I encouraged that arrangement. While I do believe playing with...

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