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  1. Doug Romrell

    Assess this still-shot

    Hitting experts far and wide, take a look at this still-shot. She ended up with an over-the-fence home-run. I know what I'm intregued by, but am curious it if aligns with what others see.
  2. Doug Romrell

    Paige Lowary - Talk About Velocity!

    I'm not sure there are many, if any, better pitching duos than the two Paiges of Oklahoma! Does anyone have good clips of Lowary pitching, preferrabily from her left side. I'm real currious what's going on with her mechanics to generate the speed she's getting. I do notice very good...
  3. Doug Romrell

    Hillhouse and pitch callers

    Hillhouse..."I guess this one will be answered right after someone tells me why girls aren't taught how to call their own games from behind the plate and always have to look into a coach for the pitch. Of course then they'd have to get rid of those nifty wrist bands." I REALLY like this! Why...
  4. Doug Romrell

    I need to hit MY spots?

    I think I've gone off the deeeeeeeeep end.
  5. Doug Romrell


    It has been my opinion that coaches, like all people, myself included, are biased. As I have said before... We are all biased. It's just a matter of degree. For a coach to proclaim and/or assume otherwise is pure nonsense. I recently read a very good article in this regard in which the...
  6. Doug Romrell

    Clearing of "New Posts" Board

    I realize the "New Posts" board has to be cleared periodically. However, I'm curious who it is that has the finger on that trigger, so to speak. Sluggers, Is it only you, or do others have that power. Also, what are the specific things that motivate this clearing. I know one of the reasons...
  7. Doug Romrell

    Curveball...Nice Reaction

    Occasionally you get a good curveball while the camera is in the right place. Even better...a great reaction from the pitcher.
  8. Doug Romrell

    Aggressive Walk-in Drill

    For this particular pitcher, the walk-in drill has done more for her than any other drill. Why? From the start, she needed the rhythm it provides. Put her in static drills and she gets clumsy.
  9. Doug Romrell

    The second "h" and the kick-out

    I posted this in another thread. However, I want to make sure there is some discussion on this, hopefully from the top pitching gurus here. Some will disagree, but I think Ueno is second to none with her drive mechanics. In particular, watch how she has very nearly fully spent the thrust of her...
  10. Doug Romrell

    Great Improvement

    This kid has worked hard over the past few months and has really made some progress. There are many things she's doing well here, but I'm particularly impressed with her arm.
  11. Doug Romrell

    More cool clips - good light

    Off-speed curve
  12. Doug Romrell

    Is this Heaven?

    I was blessed to get to sit in the company of these three pitching GODS and listen to them discuss pitching...... FOR FOUR HOURS! Did I say much? Not really! Did I listen? Better than I ever have in my entire life! Did I just get a taste of pitching HEAVEN? HELL YES!!! Pauly, Balswick, and...
  13. Doug Romrell

    Coaches... Do you communicate with pitcher?

    A few months back Ken Krause posted a fantastic article by Cindy Bristow titled, "How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Pitch Calling Mistakes." How to Avoid the 4 Biggest Pitch Calling Mistakes – Softball Excellence - Softball Training Anywhere Three of the four mistakes mentioned are of particular...
  14. Doug Romrell

    Velocity/Ballistic Practice - "ballistic noise"

    Rather than "bump" Boardmember's original thread on this, I thought I'd start a new one. Posted in 2013... There are a lot of things that really stand out to me here, but I'm particularly interested in the part I bolded, italicized, and enlarged. I'd like to hear more about this.
  15. Doug Romrell

    Cool angle of brush-assisted arm-whip

    I was toying around with my camera at pitching last night and decided to try this angle. It's a cool angle! Little miss noodle arm!
  16. Doug Romrell

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas to all my DFP friends, and the rest of you too. LOL! As a gift, I'm changing my avatar to a recent picture of myself trying to get a pitching student to get brush interference.
  17. Doug Romrell

    Cool Clip of Low Inside Rise

    This is a cool clip of a low inside rise (backspin). Mix this up with a good inside drop-ball, and you're on your way to getting in the batter's head. Of course, you'd mix in the other stuff. ;)
  18. Doug Romrell

    Public School District Parent Coach Policy

    I have been asked by a member of the local school board what a good public school coaching policy should look like with regards to limiting the use of parent coaches in high school sports. Background: A local high school's upcoming softball program will have four of the nine starting varsity...
  19. Doug Romrell

    Pitchers, Their Pitches, and Communication with Team Coach

    A very rough situation for pitchers is when the person calling their pitches doesn't seem to give a fart about WHAT pitches they throw and are comfortable with. Around here, it's usually the head coach calling the pitches. Yes, communication is partly the pitcher's responsibility, but if the...

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