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  1. Mompants


    Does anyone have an app or a podcast via app that they listen to softball on? I work on the road and need me some softball listening
  2. Mompants

    My (12u southpaw) DD asked me....

    Last night during Bp my lil baby girl asked... on an outside pitch do I let the ball travel more or do I still want to make contact out front ahead of the plate? Stymied... I said any contact is better than none.. but it got me thinking.. so I'll ask the forum same ? Outside FASTBALL where do...
  3. Mompants


    DD is youngest player on 12u travel team. She is the Lead off batter carries highest BA .408 leads team in almost every offensive category. When she is NOT on 1B the hole dynamic of team morphs into something unrecognizable. She also achieved straight As her entire 5th grade year.
  4. Mompants

    Quick pitch

    Hello all Is quick pitching illegal in fastpitch 12u? Batter steps in the box before she looks up at the pitcher boom in the catchers glove. Umpire allowed it. Any takes?

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