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  1. Seminole

    TB Tryout Question

    This may be different in other locations, but, since most travel ball teams play into July, and for Fall ball season, most of those same travel teams have tryouts late July or beginning of August, where does it leave time for pitchers to have their 4-5 week break?? I’m asking because that’s the...
  2. Seminole

    IR..Bout to pull my hair out

    Yesterday, in the yard, DD had a break-thru! She was really whipping the ball and finishing belly button to chest. It’s like she finally got it. Just to explain what we do each practice..after warmups, we go to 9:00 drill, then show it, walk thrus, then full pitching. I wish I had my wife film...
  3. Seminole

    IR in her pitching?

    First off, sorry for the length of the post..my daughter is 10 about to turn 11 and has been pitching since February. We’ve done lessons here and there for about two years, practiced in the yard occasionally, but February, she decided to fully commit, so we’ve been doing lessons weekly and...

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