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    Original Rev Fire

    What are you looking to get. As a dad of a pitcher,Tools are a weak point. Lol
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    Camwood Bat

    When your ready to sell the 32 let me know. I’ve been looking Thank you
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    Does illegal pitch mound visits count

    Today at our tourny, the other pitcher was warned about a illegal pitch. Coach goes to mound, long talk. Back to play. 2 pitches later illegal pitch. Coach goes to mound again. Do those visits count as mound visits and the pitcher should have been pulled. Just curious cause if I used a...
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    Anyone else headed to Clearwater this weekend?

    The storm will be gone by mid day on Thursday. Should be go to go.
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    Batch of ADVs coming in next week

    Core can you send me a price when you get them. Thanks
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    Scenic City Cancelled

    Any updates if the August event will happen. Nervous about covid. Thanks
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    Tbolts 5 star showcase

    Thank you. Adds another 1hour 15 to the drive. Yeaa
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    Tbolts 5 star showcase

    Anyone have info from Montgomery, AL. Cant wait to play just wanna make sure its on.
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    So we played....

    When we played only scorekeeper on bleachers.was a great day at the fields. We got sit passed dug outs on baseline fences. Felt safe. Great tourny.
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    How big is the team?

    I would say 30' that would leave 6' at one end for bags and 4' for entrance. U figure if u have 12 players that would give them 21/2 feet each. Hopefully you dont have that many sitting. younger players sit alot during there at bats. So space to sit might be better
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    Season canceled - no refund offered

    Don't say rain. My dd starts first game at 630. We're ready for softball to start.
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    How big is the team?

    How long are the dug outs.
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    Tournament Time

    I'm gonna say yes
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    Tournament Time

    It'll be fine. Good luck today. My dd starts tomorrow in Clermont also. Cant wait.

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