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  1. Mompants


    Both either or.
  2. Mompants


    Does anyone have an app or a podcast via app that they listen to softball on? I work on the road and need me some softball listening
  3. Mompants


    Can u send me the quizzes
  4. Mompants


    May I get the quizzes? I'm interested
  5. Mompants

    Team name regarding a birth year or graduating year?

    In our area there are 2 teams at same age group with same name one is an 07 the other was an 06 otherwise just keep it the team name. If ur the only BALLERS in town who cares what age
  6. Mompants

    Report to safesport or warn other parents..or both

    The "quotes" u listed in the the thread sound like a coach coaching to me, if you want a nice guy or a nice try coach then maybe travel ball isnt for you. Me personally I want the toughest coach out there as long as he understands the game and is making the team and or my kid a better softball...
  7. Mompants

    Infield fly ruling

    Depends on the home plate ump the team on defense and whether or not the ump believes it shoulda been caught. It's not automatic of that is what ur thinking.
  8. Mompants

    Question about playing up

    Imo.. imagine playing varsity ball as a 7th grader.... 6yo too young for 10u regardless of talent. Stick to 8u and dominate the league
  9. Mompants

    My (12u southpaw) DD asked me....

    Looking for optimal results. Best case scenario.... 4 bagger or 2B
  10. Mompants

    My (12u southpaw) DD asked me....

    Last night during Bp my lil baby girl asked... on an outside pitch do I let the ball travel more or do I still want to make contact out front ahead of the plate? Stymied... I said any contact is better than none.. but it got me thinking.. so I'll ask the forum same ? Outside FASTBALL where do...
  11. Mompants

    Picked up a 2019 Mizuno Titanium

    Were can I get a 32" -10 power carbon 2019 And/or The f20 power carbon 32"-10 Anyone have a rep guy who sells bats?
  12. Mompants

    Your top 3 gloves for MI

    Dont have a top 3 however I'll give u my top 1 is the vinci.
  13. Mompants


    DD is youngest player on 12u travel team. She is the Lead off batter carries highest BA .408 leads team in almost every offensive category. When she is NOT on 1B the hole dynamic of team morphs into something unrecognizable. She also achieved straight As her entire 5th grade year.
  14. Mompants

    UMPs making calls to end inning...

    IF there is a run rule how MN th innings MUST be played in order to end the game 1st inning 8-0 keep the game moving.... let the team bat. Nobody enjoys a 19-0 ballgame unless ur thaT guy
  15. Mompants


    Nothing wrong with having the best player at each position. That being said The better TEAM beats better TALENT
  16. Mompants

    Anyone else get excited the night before a tournament?

    Its 230 report to field @650.... let's go baby!
  17. Mompants

    Quick pitch

    Imagine your 2nd foot stepping in the box and the ball in the catchers glove atthe same time. How do u coach that?
  18. Mompants

    Quick pitch

    I believe that to be fair AND safe.
  19. Mompants

    Quick pitch

    Thanks for all of the responses! Seems clear as MUD!
  20. Mompants

    Quick pitch

    As soon as the 2nd foot entire ball was pitched I'm talking bam bam. Coach did ask ump I'm not sure what the dialogue was

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