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    Good news

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    WCWS Slappers out of the box

    What size bats are the Slappers using ? With all the stepping out of the box why don't the slappers use a longer lighter bat. Maybe a 34 -11 I don't think many of the slappers are using a 34 -8 or - 9
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    D2 and D3 championship softball going on now

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    Flo Showdown camps

    Any input on this camp? Is it just another money maker?
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    Slowpitch bat ?

    Can a slowpitch pitch bat be used for fastpitch?
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    Catchers mitt at 1st base

    I'm seeing this more is it allowed ? I know there are restrictions on where a 1st base mitt is allowed how about a catchers mitt ? Thx Larry
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    Tagging up question ?

    A interesting play happened in the Dodger game today here's the play. Kiké Hernandez hit a foul pop and first baseman Buster Posey made a juggling catch with his back to the infield. Utley tagged and scored, and although it appeared that he left third base before Posey secured the ball, the...
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    Left handed catcher ?

    Does anyone know how many catchers there are in Division 1 softball ?
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    Worth Liberty Advanced

    I'm trying to find a Worth Liberty Advanced RHT 13" 1st base mitt. I can find LHT but not a RHT anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks, Larry
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    First base mitt

    Any recommendations on a 13" first base mitt? We're leaning towards the Worth Liberty
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    Stake down pitching rubber

    I'm looking at stake down pitching rubber I would appreciate any Ideas . I don't like the one with the 3 spikes underneath.
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    Fielders mask for 8u DD

    I'm looking into getting my dd a face mask. Out of all the mask I have looked at online I like the schutt and the rip it a lot I like the visibility with fielding ground balls better with those two mask. I have been trying to find a fielders mask with the same technology as the Wilson GOLD...
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    TCU Baseball 2011: Quiet Confidence

    OK I know its a baseball video but the message is a good one. Are there any college softball videos like this. If they are out there please post them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEpqQfujBWw&feature=player_embedded

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