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  1. Bubrox

    Nothing in particular just always cheer for your team

    Softball is a roller coaster. DD2 played a team last night that we beat Tuesday 4-0. DD2 pitched again this game. Things didn't go her way. Down 6-1 when she was yanked. Coach put a new pitcher in and moved DD2 to 1B. Right away DD2 is cheering her pitcher on. We went on to win 15-8 and DD2 hit...
  2. Bubrox

    Colorado Sparkler College Camp Sunday

    Has anyone's DD done one of these? Did pitchers get to hit? Did you feel it was worth the $200? We're thinking of doing one of the multi coach Camps.
  3. Bubrox

    Don't you love it when........

    Your DD is up to bat and the opposing Coach yells "Big Uppercut". And DD hits a line drive HR. :rolleyes::cool:
  4. Bubrox

    How many hours a week does your DD team practice?

    Trying to get an idea of how much teams practice a week. Just state your age group and how what days and how long they practice. If you want to say how much your DD works on her own that would be good, too. DD2 team moving to 16U Sept. for new season. Team practice 3 1/2 hours Tuesday. 2 hours...
  5. Bubrox

    How long of a break?

    DD2 just finished her season Friday. Had a pretty good finish taking 3rd in her tourney. She said her arm is little sore on top of her shoulder. Thinks it's from a swing she took in one of the games. Didn't seem to affect her pitching. Her team doesn't start back up until the 2nd week of Sept...
  6. Bubrox

    Swinging / Hitting the change up

    One of our AC told 2 girls on the team that they weren't team players because they swung at change ups. Both girls hit them, not like they swung and whiffed. One was a rocket 1 hopper to 2nd and 1 was a high deep fly to right field. Both outs. Our team throws change ups to get outs. Does it make...
  7. Bubrox

    Umpire rant, what do you think?

    Umpire rant over Rant over. Thanks for replies. Moving forward.
  8. Bubrox

    Sparkler Jr. Housing at UNC Greeley CO.

    University of Northern Colorado has some rooms available for the Sparkler Jr. in Colorado starting June 24th -July 1st. If you are in the 14U Power Pool and your team still needs rooms please Email them at unccofweb@unco.edu. The dorm rooms are 100$ a night and big enough to split with 2...
  9. Bubrox

    Umpire calls interference on himself

    Runner on 1B steals. Catcher makes bad throw and runner moves to 3rd on play. HP ump sends runner back to 1st and says he got in the catchers way when she threw. Good call or bad call?
  10. Bubrox

    Talk about having a day! DD2's teammate hit's 4HR's

    DD2's teammate hit 3 HR's in game 1. The 3rd being a GS. DD2 pitched and won 12-0 and hit a HR herself. Game 2 DD2's teammate just misses another as she hit a line drive that hit 6 inches from top of fence. Her last at bat she came up with bases loaded and you guessed it! Grand Slam! That put us...
  11. Bubrox

    Metal cleats in carry-on bag for flying?

    We are traveling to see DD1 this weekend. DD2 is bringing some softball gear. For those of you who fly a lot, can she bring her metal cleats in her carry on bag?
  12. Bubrox

    DD1 and DD2

    DD1 and DD2 played at about same time today about 1200 miles apart. DD1 is a freshman and today was opening day and got to pinch hit in the 2nd game. She ran the count to full and ripped a change up right thru the pitchers legs for her 1st College hit in her 1st College at bat. Her team won both...
  13. Bubrox

    Batter swings and misses....

    .....with 2 strikes and ball hits her in foot. Pitch was a CU. Batter runs to 1st and after discussion umps call her out. Girl on 2nd advanced to 3rd and has to go back to 2. I'm guessing right call was made. Strikeout and then deadball because it hit batter? Just another weird play you rarely...
  14. Bubrox

    DD2 1st Official HR (12U)

    Shoutout to her for her 1st over the fence HR. Line drive shot to center. Way to go kid!
  15. Bubrox

    Clean up hitter

    If you had a choice who would be your choice for the #4 spot? Batter A...Right hand hitter who pulls balls foul a lot but also has a little bit of power to the gaps and weakly rolls change ups to 3rd. Rarely draws walks. Has struck out about 4 times in 30 games. Batter B....Left hand hitter...

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