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  1. Rick M

    Offseason Rest

    It’s been a regular part of DD’s offseason routine to take off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and not throw at all. Give her arm an extended break for rest and recovery. This year, due to Covid, she’s pitched a total of 50 innings with two tournaments left (she’ll probably finish around...
  2. Rick M

    Old School pics

    The Staten Island Advance just published a story about some of the best HS softball pitchers in New York City from the 1980’s. It’s got some great still action shots from the time. So many of them threw the ball just above their shoe laces! Anyway, good for a smile during this time of no...
  3. Rick M

    Mud in the Cleats

    DD is playing her first year of 14U, which means spikes. She likes them so far, but this past weekend she pitched (in practice) for the first time in some sloppy conditions and got mud caked on the bottom of her shoes. Then she started sliding all over the place and had a tough time with...
  4. Rick M

    When to be a pest

    There's been some good discussion on here lately about allowing our kids to find their own path. In particular, this post resonated with me: I didn't want to detour that thread so a I started a new one. DD is 13, and a pitcher. Right now, she has practice two days a week and lessons on a...
  5. Rick M

    USSSA Team Classifications

    There's always discussion on here about how teams classify themselves, in terms of A/B/C level. USSSA of Eatern Pennsylvania and New Jersey just took a bold step to manage how teams are classified. They instituted a rule, by my understanding, that any team that returns more than six second-year...
  6. Rick M

    Names on Uniforms

    Just a quick poll -- do most of your orgs have player names on the uniforms? DD plays for a large org and none of their teams wear uniforms with player names on the back. DD is attending a prospect camp in a few weeks, and the email requested that the players wear shirts with their name and...
  7. Rick M

    NATA Statement

    The National Athletic Trainers Association released a statement with a set of guidelines for youth sports this week. The main focus is about sports specialization, which gets discussed here often. Their recommendations: I found #4 to be the most interesting, as a handy way of measuring what...
  8. Rick M

    Food for thought

    Wasserman posted this on Facebook yesterday, gave me a chuckle. Totally guilty of having DD do exactly this, BTW:
  9. Rick M

    Seeing the Ball

    Towards the end of the spring season, DD started saying that she wasn't seeing the ball. She does wear corrective lenses, and has routine eye exams, so I don't think it's anything physical. She has a very good contact rate, most of her strikeouts are on called third strikes. I'm hoping that...
  10. Rick M

    Too Many Teams

    Now that the silly season of tryouts is wrapping up, it's time for the local coaches out there to switch gears from posting their tryout info online to posting rants about how there are too many teams and that the talent pool is too diluted. There are raging discussions on three local TB message...
  11. Rick M

    Gift for Coach

    We're nearing the end of our TB season, and I'd like to organize a gift for our coaches from the families. I'd love to hear from some coaches about gifts they've received that were appreciated, or any parents that came up with something creative that they can share. Thanks!
  12. Rick M

    NCAA Pitching Rule Proposal

    https://www.ncaa.com/news/softball/article/2019-06-27/change-pitching-procedures-proposed-softball New proposal to require pitchers to take their signs on the rubber, then deliver their pitch without any backwards step. It's intended to stop pitchers from checking their armbands behind the...
  13. Rick M

    Two Questions

    I have a scoring question, and a rules question from games last weekend. #1: Who gets the error? Ball is hit to shallow center field, CF and 2B both charge to the backside of the bag, both calling for the ball. They are both focused on tracking the ball, neither hears the other. CF makes the...
  14. Rick M

    DD got The Talk yesterday

    After a couple of days of rain, DD's middle school team has had to move practices to the gym. At one point, coach separated the pitchers and catchers to do some throwing work. DD reported throwing well, she even got a little work on her curve, a new pitch for her. Afterwards, the coach calls...
  15. Rick M

    Softball America

    Did anyone see that the folks who publish Baseball America started a new site for softball: https://www.softballamerica.com/ They've got recruiting class rankings, news for HS, college and pros, and even some feature stories. Off to a good start, glad to see an established media outlet giving...
  16. Rick M

    In-Season Pitching Lessons?

    I just finalized DD's lesson schedule through March, and now I have to consider April. This will be her first year playing school ball (assuming she makes the team), so I'm curious how others approach their pitching lessons once the season is in full swing. Between middle school, the occasional...
  17. Rick M

    Long Toss

    I've read in a couple of these threads that doing long toss can help increase a pitcher's velocity. DD's pitching coach started to work some long toss into her lessons as well, but I've noticed that starting off with long toss after warmup during a lesson kinda wears her out. By the end of the...
  18. Rick M

    Cheapie Aluminum Bat

    DD is ready to move up a bat size or two. She's currently using a 30/20 LXT and has been way out in front of everything and hitting off the end of the bat. Her hitting instructor thinks she's ready for a 32/22, but I'd like her to take a swing or two with that size before dropping the big bucks...
  19. Rick M

    Choosing a new org

    Hello all! Long-time reader, first-time poster. It's that time of year, and DD is considering two organizations to play for in her second year of 12U. The first is a big name team that has traditionally focused on showcase teams on the 14-18U level. They have a good reputation and a very...

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