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  1. Rick M

    Mevo Alternative

    On the cheap: I use a Campark X30 to record games, it’s around $70 on Amazon and has a great picture. It can go up to 60 fps @ 4K, which makes enormous files so I usually drop it to 30 fps so that my computer can handle editing. If you’re a pitcher’s parent, the 4K lets you zoom in on the...
  2. Rick M

    First year 10U Pitching

    DD started with a deep backswing, which I encouraged after watching video of Scarborough and Ueno. Once we found her a Tincher instructor, she started to work on eliminating it. With this year’s rule change allowing the stride foot to start off the rubber, she went to a no backswing at all...
  3. Rick M

    Ringor cleats

    Thanks again, DFP, for alerting me to every sale that comes along and contributing to my chronic GAS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Rick M

    Parents of older pitchers, what do you know now that you wish you knew when it first started.

    As others have said, 18 months sounds like a long time to be struggling with control. You didn’t say how old your daughter is, but I imagine that the longer she was pitching HE the harder it’s going to be to re-train her muscle memory. DD started going to a Tincher instructor when she was 10...
  5. Rick M

    How to handle almost entire team showing up late for game?

    DD’s team (and the whole org) has a policy that the players are required to carry all of the gear (nets, buckets, tees) from the coach’s car and get it set up for warmups. If the coach says that she’s arriving 1:15 before game time, it is understood by all that players need to be there 1:25...
  6. Rick M

    Questions about lessons

    Sorry, didn’t mean to set off a snark bomb. RAD said it better than me, but that’s the point I was trying to make. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Rick M

    Shoes/Pitching shoes question!

    Yes, the Ringors are a half-size small and worth every penny. DD pitched 150 innings in 2019, plus dozens of lessons and practices in one pair. They’re still in great shape, just don’t fit any more. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Rick M

    What is your number one reason you do this?

    Great replies so far. I have a more specific goal that’s tied to the social aspect. I’ve seen friends and family with daughters who had a terrible time in high school — bullied or isolated, it can be a rough couple of years. But everyone I know whose daughter played sports has had a positive...
  9. Rick M

    Questions about lessons

    I’m puzzled by this whole thread. Who is working on mechanics after 14U? DD is 13 and has thrown thousands of pitches. Her muscle memory is pretty well ingrained. By the time a kid hits 15, her mechanics are either pretty sound or else she’s found another position to play. In a typical lesson...
  10. Rick M

    First showcase

    Just want to say thanks for all of the great info on this thread so far. DD is playing in her first showcase this weekend. She’s only in eighth grade, so it’s just to get a taste of the experience before it starts to count. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Rick M

    How do you decide?

    DD went through the exact same situation-she played for a coach that had a core group for a few years, and breaking into the lineup was impossible (we had our own five-game weekends where DD got two AB’s). DD liked her teammates so she didn’t want to leave, but she was obviously doubting her own...
  12. Rick M

    Going to lessons~What plan and path did you take?

    DD loves softball, and has loved it since her first 8U rec team. I’ve made her try every other sport, nothing resonates with her. From the beginning, I’ve tried my best to keep the parent glasses in my back pocket. DD is not particularly big or strong or fast. I’ve known from the beginning that...
  13. Rick M

    Umpire from NJ

    Welcome Jake. As someone who’s DD plays a lot of games in NJ - my thanks to you and your compadres for being there for our girls after everything opened back up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Rick M

    What rules if any govern excessive hit by pitches?

    A kid who throws 50 mph playing C-level at 12U? That’s ridiculous. C-level kids are, by definition, just beginners, there’s no way they have the ability to judge a pitch that’s traveling that fast to be moving inside, and have the reaction time to get out of the way. That’s a tough spot for a...
  15. Rick M

    What is the Expectation of Developing Secondary Positions?

    In my experience (that is, watching DD’s practices), pitchers have more opportunity to learn secondary positions than most other players. You have to carry 2-3 pitchers on a roster, but only one at a time can get defensive reps in the circle during a practice. So they have the chance to move...
  16. Rick M

    GoPro help?

    Can you elaborate on this a little? I have an older GoPro that connects via Wi-Fi to my phone running LIVE4. It seems that the first game of the day goes smoothly every time, but once I stop and restart it cuts off after a few minutes. I’ve tried everything, including removing the battery and...
  17. Rick M

    Offseason Rest

    We did eight weeks off last year, and DD came back in January throwing hard. Then Covid hit, and she went March through June just throwing once or twice a week, and mostly just to me on my trusty bucket. That was much worse, her pitching was rocky all summer and still not where she was a year...
  18. Rick M

    Offseason Rest

    It’s been a regular part of DD’s offseason routine to take off between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and not throw at all. Give her arm an extended break for rest and recovery. This year, due to Covid, she’s pitched a total of 50 innings with two tournaments left (she’ll probably finish around...
  19. Rick M

    How long should it take?~

    DD first started pitching as a second-year 10U in Rec. She was HE all the way, but threw a ton of strikes. She had like 80 Ks in 40 innings, less than 10 walks. She decided that being a pitcher was her thing and thanks to DFP, I learned about the wonders of IR. Her first fall of 12U, bigger...
  20. Rick M

    Hey Coach, you said you wouldnt...

    I guess an important part of the question here is, at what age should players be expected to address issues with their coaches on their own? DD is a second-year 14U, still a few weeks shy of her 14th birthday. She had a rough game recently where I was uncomfortable with the pitch selection (DD...