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    Drinking coach gone too far? What next?

    I’m gonna preface this with the fact that this is not a team that I am on! It’s just a scenario I recently became aware of and I’m interested to see how you all feel it should be handled on all aspects: as a parent, as a coach, as a team parent. Here’s the situation. Recent weekend tournament...
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    Simply frustrated - opportunities for playing time

    I’ll try to keep this short, and will probably fail. Topic at hand: playing time, surprise, I know. We’ve been on this team for 1.5 years. It’s a second year 12u team. Originally, we made the 10th player. Team lost one and picked up 3 more so we sit at 12 on the roster. It’s the same 9 playing...
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    Making the Move to 10u! Finally!

    So, it’s finally time for our team to graduate to real ball! We ended our coach pitch season and have been solely practicing in preparation to start kid pitch this fall, hopefully next month. Practices have gone “ok”. I know it’s a lot of ground to cover in short amounts of time with lots of...
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    8u Transition to 10u

    Hello all! I’d like to get some opinions on how/when is best to move from coach pitch to kid pitch. Our current situation: DD’s team is a 2011 8u team who plays local league (for practice and field availability) and plays 2-3 tournaments a month traveling up to 2 hours regionally to get...
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    Insight welcome on approaching HC

    Good evening! I’ll try to keep it short, forgive me if i get long winded! DD plays on a strong travel team in the area. We joined the team at the beginning of the season to grow as a player by playing with stronger girls and against stronger competition than where we were at the time. Our big...