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    Ball hits bat after bunt

    This happened last weekend, girl bunted, and dropped the bat in fair territory in front of the plate. The bat hits the ball, forwards the mound and the pitcher fields it and throws the girl out at first. Umps call dead ball and say it’s a dead ball and give the batter a strike. What’s the right...
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    Opposing coach telling batters pitch position

    Played a team this weekend who is a decent team but that is over shadowed by their coach and well trailer park parents. Their hitters were having trouble hitting our pitcher, 0-0 after 4 innings. So they’re coach started saying, “in” “out” after our catcher setup. We informed the umpires, they...
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    Drills for seeing the ball

    My DD is having difficulty picking up the ball out of the pitchers hand, are there any tips or drills we can do to help her with this. Whenever she hits off a tee, front toss, side toss, she has no problems making good solid contact. When she gets to a live pitcher she’s has trouble seeing the...
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    Covid and team fees

    With Covid happening we ended up only playing 3 of 10 tournaments, and we had payed our fees before Covid hit. So what are everyone’s teams doing if the player doesn’t re-make the team at tryouts? Our team is keeping the fees and dispersing them to next years players, that’s all well and good...
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    Pitching coach in Ky

    Can someone recommend a pitching coach in ky, around Louisville or Elizabethtown area that teaches internal rotation?
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    Rehab from injury

    My dd is coming of a shoulder injury, the dr's really didnt know what it was they did a x-rays, an mri and pt. Eventually they settled on little leaguers shoulder, luckily the COVID 19 helped her and she didnt miss any tournaments. She's had 3 months off no hitting or throwing of any kind, so I...
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    How do you hit spots?

    Question about spots with internal rotation, how do you hit them? My daughter has always been taught to step out for outside pitches in for inside pitches. Her new coach is teaching her to use her arm to change position along with the step, which my daughter does not have a HE release it is more...
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    When to move on from pitching coach

    So my DD has been with the same pitching coach for 2 years now, but the last year she has been taking on too many other things and just doesn't have time to do lessons, so instead of going once a week or every 2 weeks we end up going about once a month. Now we love her, she is great with my DD...
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    Need some advice

    I need some advice on what to do to help my DD out, she is playing TB on a B level decent team. The last few weeks she just hasn't been playing like herself, she plays 3rd and pitches. She's been bobbling the ball when fielding that she normally wouldn't, which has lead to her not being as...
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    Changeup Help

    Hey my first post here, my daughter is an 11 yo pitcher, we've been working on her change up for a good while now. Her issues is that on release she has her hand behind the ball and as a result she's not getting as much as a drop in speed or spin as she should. She throws the horse shoe change...