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    Assistant Coaches

    I'm assuming this is your first time through with the coaching thing... Unless you discover an experienced parent coach with an older kid who is recycling with a younger sibling, you're only going to find people trying to figure things out...just like you are. This includes former players. A...
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    2nd Base? Plus slap hitting updates

    Lol...I tried twice with DD...two different times with two different pitching coaches. It's amazing how someone so consistent throwing the ball overhand could suck so bad trying to windmill. Didn't catch the age, but that sounds like a solid plan.
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    If you had to do it all over again....

    I wish I'd taken her to a certain hitting instructor earlier, and yapped at her less when she was younger. That said, we've both gotten quite a bit from this game, outlasted some people alleged to be better, and proved a few wrong. She's living in some rarefied air in college, and doing some...
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    2nd Base? Plus slap hitting updates

    If you can't play one position extremely well, be able to play multiple positions reasonably well, and show an ability to learn and adapt. However, unless you're a top level pitcher or catcher, hitting is what will bring the interest. I know more than a few kids who are athletic enough and...
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    Max number of plays in a 1-run inning

    I guess it all depends on what your definition of a "play" is. If it has to result in an out or a new baserunner, I don't see how you have more than seven. If you include something like a pick-off attempt or a stolen base early in the inning, you could probably get a couple more.
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    Hard hit balls and speed don't "cause" errors. They have a "high positive correlation" with base hits. If a missed play isn't "routine" because the ball was hit exceptionally hard or if the runner is exceptionally fast, it's not an error. Dial down the pretentiousness...look that big word...
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    From that dog's breakfast of a post, anyone will have a hard time trying to figure out your point. Try to figure out what you want to say, and try not to be a jerk while saying it.
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    How do Coaches handle the Bench?

    11 players is a good size. If all are good players, softball is easy and fun. Play them all and often. Bat everyone whenever possible, including bracket. Rotate frequently and everyone spends some time on the bench. If you have a couple of players that you really don't want sitting during...
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    Belichick said that during a press interview, which means he wasn't being fully truthful. He was speaking in the context of the only stat that ultimately matters is wins & losses, not that he doesn't look at anything else. Don't believe for a moment that the New England Patriots don't track...
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    A coach who understands stats will use ROE in the calculus of the batting order. It's no surprise that the coach doesn't care how the leadoff gets on, just that she does. Although our team scorekeeping is pretty good, I've found that some of our speediest players also have some of the highest...
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    First should play ahead of the bag on most pitches, but not more than a step or so. Dropping back for a fly ball just behind the bag shouldn't be a problem, or you need to look for a new 1B. Anything in the short OF grass behind on the right side belongs to 2B. With two strikes, nothing wrong...
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    What would you call this?

    The runner could have been seriously hurt (broken neck) by putting her head down like that.
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    How to handle almost entire team showing up late for game?

    This doesn't end at 12U, and it drives me nuts. For a problem this bad, I'd suggest that for those who arrive on time, offer them their choice in the batting lineup and a starting position in the field for that first game. Everyone else gets what's left, with the latest arrivals batting at the...
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    What is your number one reason you do this?

    What are MY reasons? There's more than one, and they're all important... 1. After 13 years, DD still enjoys it...I've opened the door repeatedly to her retirement, but she won't quit. 2. There is great value in playing sports, experiencing success and failure, and learning to work in a team...
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    Anyone like outs at 2nd?? 10U

    It all depends on where the team is in its development. Getting the out at 1B is the foundation of the correct way to play defense. Claims that you always work to get the lead runner are nonsense, even at 18U and college. When players are learning the game, get an out at 1B, and build off...
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    Home Run Derby - Ghost vs LXT

    IMO, this is it right here. Some bats, particularly end-weighted, are more likely to hit one out if perfect contact is made. However, for myself and DD, I've always searched for the balanced bat with the larger sweet spot. Bat speed, control, and the ability to get around on a pitch and get...
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    someone pulled a bat exchange on DD

    Put a distinctive grip on it. Greatly lessens the chance of someone making a "mistake".
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    GameChanger stats - used by Coaches or Program Managers?

    I've seen a few errors charge to my kid that made me laugh, and things that should have been errors not charged. Even decent scorekeepers get it wrong, but it tends to even out over time. My pet peeve is being too quick to take away a hit from the batter and score it as an ROE. If GC is done...
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    How many TB teams has/did your DD play for?

    Three teams from 12U through 18U. Nearly five years with same team.
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    Outfield Is Not a Punishment

    The outfield may be Siberia at 10U, but by 16/18U, being competent out there means very little bench time. Center and Left are the popular choices, but in older age groups where balls can go anywhere, games are often won and lost in Right Field. If you can't track a ball, being fast and having...

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