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    Legal step back or not?

    Legal step back using USA rules? "If the pitcher wants to step back with the non-pivot foot, they may do so prior to separating the hands."
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    Pitching and infield throws at same practice?

    What are folks' thoughts on pitchers pitching and making infield throws at the same practice? Volume parameters for either? Frequency?
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    Video overlay fun

    Since Cooper Union is finishing their semester remotely, I've been able to take advantage of my son's video skills. He did this overlay for his sister the other day.
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    Metrics for determining piching volume progression throughout high school?

    I recently watched a presentation from a D1 college head coach and she touched on the large percentage of freshmen pitchers starting their college experience having pitched too much in high school & travel ball. Interestingly, she did not offer up any potential remedies. So, what is the extent...
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    14u/16u weekday tourney season practice?

    What's the general approach to weekday practices between tournaments for 14u/16u?
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    Crash rule with ball/without ball

    Two scenarios: 1. Play at the plate, catcher is obstructing, umpire has their arm out for obstruction, catcher has the ball, runner crashes into the catcher. 2. Play at the plate, catcher is obstructing, umpire has their arm out for obstruction, catcher doesn't have the ball, runner...
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    Experience with 44 Pro gloves?

    Any folks out there with any recent usage with a 44 Pro glove?
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    Rawlings Heart of the Hide?

    My DD is due for a new glove. Has used a Rawlings Liberty Advanced the last few years, held up ok. She's looking at the Rawlings Heart of the Hide? Any thoughts on that leather? She's a pitcher and an outie primarily. Will be a freshman in hs next fall. I've handled a few Nokona gloves, very...
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    Spectrum of hip movement?

    Here's a picture of Monica Abbott. To me, the letters on her jersey and belt buckle are more oriented to home plate than first base, suggesting that her hips are leading the way into release, not firing or predominantly "closing" after release. Would love to hear pitching coaches take on her...
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    Dropped third not in play

    Ok, here's the situation: No outs, runner on first. On the dropped third, batter/runner heads to first, umpire calls her out, she keeps running, defense attempts play on her, ball gets by first base, runner that was on first scores. Can the umpire call any interference on the batter/runner...
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    Illegal pitch?

    USA softball rules in effect. Is this a legal or illegal pitch? Was not called as illegal in the game. Is there enough of a pause with the hands separated to appear to get a sign? I say "no", illegal pitch.

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