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    Speed. How fast is fast?

    what's interesting is we had girls on our 10/12u rosters who were fast......but when they got to the 14/16 rosters, they weren't a fast any more......puberty can def change a lot of things with athletes........now, some teammates did just catch up with them, and the speed at which opponents...
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    DD held to higher standard

    always held mine to a higher standard, and told her so.......she understood early what it meant to be a coach's kid, and understood she was held to a higher standard......she rose to it, and made it her point to never be slacking at practice, to hold her performance in games to a hight standard...
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    Best ASA red stitch ball

    are there any 8u players that can compress a ball/bat enough to where quality of bat/ball makes a difference? if the bat doesn't sting their hands, and the ball is durable, call it good lol
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    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    i think to have a team rule as to how a player wears their hair is a little much, yeah everyone who has played for me 12u and up has come to the field ready to play......how that pertains to their hair, i leave to them......i would tend to trust a D1 college player to do what is best for...
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    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    while we're at it, i'd say a dress code that dictates how a player wears their hair is a little much for me.......but that's just me
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    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    i would share concerns about blurred lines/mixed messages when a coach is involved with something like this..... pretty sure most of my players over the years don't know my religious preferences, my political preferences or anything of that nature, aside from i'm a decent guy who pushed them...
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    Add Favorite Catching Picture

    first year of middle school ball, playing with her older sister.......started as a 6th grader in CF, only non-eighth grade starter......no fear (she saved a game with a running over the shoulder catch in the first game of the season.....full sprint, 2 run lead with bases loaded, bottom 7th, 2 out)
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    2-Strike Hitting

    i have several hitters that are just excellent two strike hitters because it takes the thinking out for them.....if it's in their zone , they know they have to go get it...... getting rid of thinking is always a good thing lol now i have one that DOES watch too many good ones, but i need to...
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    2-Strike Hitting

    we use the phrase "attack with 2" a lot.....i want them aggressive and jumping on anything that is in that window (to use someone else's phrase i want them making the decision, not anyone else......we talk about putting that high outside pitch off the 1st base dugout to get another...
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    How do you calm your team before and during games?

    one other point......unless we are playing back to back tournament games, we have had the EXACT same pregrame warmup for 7 years now.......we report to the field "X" number of minutes early (and i take them EARLY even if we don't warm up exactly at that time, gets them away from everyone else...
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    How do you calm your team before and during games?

    in terms of batters box......have the girls develop a routine......we push a little dirt to 'clear away' a previous AB or pitch......we step one foot out to get signs while taking 3 deep breaths (deep breathing does elicit a physiological response of calming)......step back in box, focus on...
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    Catcher leg/shin guards...recommendations?

    DD got the Vela Pros this year, and there's no comparison.....best shins she's owned, according to her
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    Softball returns to Dallas...and everyone ignores social distancing

    we've hosted scrimmages and started rec games last night so far so good.....fans spaced in the outfield, separate sections for each team's fans 2 girls in dugout, one on deck.....others spaced on fence (we've got them chairs and tents).....umpires wearing masks & gloves we sanitize every half...
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    Runner on 3b and batter walks

    throw to the bag? we bring 2b up in the baseline 1/3-1/2 of the way to the 1B bag, and make the throw there.....enough time for me to see what runner on 3b does, if she's not moving i'm calling it out to the umpire.....catcher tells P when/if to make the throw to 2 or to 4.......but closer to 1b...
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    This Guy Gets It

    its both......you need proper mechanics, to some extent, to consistently replicate your swing and to have proper timing, generate power, etc AND you need to consistently square up the ball thing is, most major leaguers have world class hand speed and fantastic reaction time and...
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    Runner on 3b and batter walks

    the one not advancing/making an immediate decision is out i don't believe there is a speed function of the rule......but might an umpire interpret a slow side step as a hesitation/direction change?
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    Runner on 3b and batter walks

    my only issue is we see umpires not immediately enforce the lookback on the runner at 3rd as soon as the batter runner touches 1b.......beyond that we handled with 2b up in the baseline, ball back to circle immediately, P at back of circle watching runners.....we haven't had a team try it on us...
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    Thoughts on this bat?

    yeah, that was a good one
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    I love coaching, but my daughter hates me.

    as someone else said, i've always had someone else work with my kid, especially when it was one on one stuff......we had a blip back in 12 or 1st year 14........funny thing is i volunteered with her HS team, and frosh year i missed a day, and she had a rough one.......and on the ride home she...

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