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    video analysis

    Any recommendations? I currently use coach's eye or record with canon hd camcorder and use cyberlink to slow down. Coach's eye isn't clear enough. Also, what can I use to get video off of college games on TV and compare side by side to my girls? I use the iphone, ipad, and my camcorder to record...
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    High level swing and sequence gifs

    How about posting a gif and describing the full sequence. GIF may be too large for a full swing.-still learning. Hopefully, some will be softball. I see a big knee cock to transfer weight and to coil hip. He rides his back leg and falls forward while getting the stretch and tipping the bat. He...
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    two step and push back

    Does anyone have a full gif of both of these drills? I can't find any and haven't figured the gif making thing out yet. Thanks
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    Suggestions? She is getting ready for her 2nd year of 10U. I can see that she is leaving the ground a bit on the drag foot. I haven’t noticed this before so I think we can fix that pretty quick. She looks like she needs to have a more immediate transfer from her slide to the push (maybe because...
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    Swing help-video included

    https://vimeo.com/109768964 Thoughts and suggestions? I will post what we have been working on when I have more time. Thanks
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    NSA,usssa,usfa,dixie youth

    NSA- c) No wind-up is used in which there is a stop or reversal of the forward motion. also applies to USFA d) There is no more than one revolution of the arm in the windmill pitch. The pitching arm may be dropped to the side and to the rear before starting the windmill motion. The ball does...
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    Stride foot ?

    A local coach insist that stride foot should be closed because if open it causes the hips to open early. I disagree. I am not really seeing it on any videos either. Epstein and a few other sources want foot open to allow hips to open. Whatcha think?
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    critique daughter's swing 12U

    I have read through the model swings several times. The move is a work in process and she is striding flat footed instead of to toe touch. Any help would be much appreciated. We also have a pitching video up if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance.http://vimeo.com/44330328
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    critique daughter's pitching 12U

    I notice some IR in the video. I don't teach hello elbow. You can see her hand roll over after release. I tell her to just let it fly although it ends up(hello elbow) there occasionally. Is her left arm swimming? Where should it be? Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    clinic for 8U beginners-need advice

    I have been asked to do a 3 part clinic for 8U league teams. It is coach pitch but they want pitchers better prepared going into 10U. It is really to get kids interested and the ones that want to pursue it would be encouraged to go to a pitching coach. I have only 4 years experience with...

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