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    Runner hits fielder as she catches ball

    Batter pops up to the 1st baseman. She catches it with plenty time for the runner to avoid contact, but doesn't, she bumps into 1st baseman. Obviously she is out, but there also was a runner at 2nd. The 1st baseman then tried to make a throw over to 2nd and almost gets the out. Our coach argues...
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    Foul bunt hits runner in foul territory.

    Had a player attempt a bunt. It went straight up and towards 1st. As the batter was running toward 1st the ball hit her helmet, while she was in foul territory. The Home plate Ump called her out. Is she out?
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    OSU vs Baylor: is the runner going from 1st to 2nd out?

    This is a situation that came up in the game. Everyone ended up being safe. Question: Is the base runner going from 1st to 2nd supposed to be out, because she went backwards? Or does it need to be a Force?
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    New rule: Foot on Batter Box line.

    I was watching a few college game this weekend. And a couple of announcers and commentators made reference of the new BATTER BOX RULE. That the batter had to have (I think both) both feet in the batter box when making contact. At no time can the foot or feet touch any part of the Batter Box...
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    Resistance Trainer with Shoulder Harness

    Has anyone used this device? Trying to get my daughter to increase push off force. I would like feedback on the positive and negative of this device.
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    World Cup of Softball: USA vs Canada-RULES DIFFERENCE

    Here are the rules difference between NCAA and International play Michelle Smith made the comment "that there is a transition period from college athlete to the International games". Other than having 9 solid hitters in the line up, it seems to me that we are preparing, or the athlete is...
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    The Ethics of Softball. Your Input.

    This might be the wrong title, but I think you will get my point. I don't want to sound negative but I want others perspective on what is happening to Softball today. The trend in softball lately is, to me, becoming frustrating, disheartening, discouraging, fill in the blank We are all familiar...
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    Is it interference?

    Runner at 1st. Batter bunts toward 1st. The 1st baseman comes down the line to field the ball. The runner from 1st goes to 2nd. As the runner is going to 2nd she makes contact with the 2nd baseman who is coming over to cover 1st. Is it interference on the runner going to 2nd? Does the runner...
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    WIAA High school softball

    On DIRECTV Saturday. They are broadcasting the state tournament games on channel 669 & 669-1
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    Barnhill-Collegiate Player of the year. #usasoftball

    Well, our worst nightmare has come true. Barnhill-Collegiate Player of the year. #usasoftball. to express your displeasure. Let me know who is going to tweet. And I'll join. I have tweeted my thoughts to others but no reply. BUT I am not going to quit.
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    IPhone question

    I cannot get this website to load on my IPhone. All I get is a 503 service is unavailable the server is temporarily busy, try again. BUT, my daughter can get on her IPhone and all computers. Any Suggestion?
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    NCAA Regional games today. 5/19/17

    It is so great to watch legal or correct pitching. A lot of games to watch. This is why I love softball. Not what the south east cheater do. But the nobody recognizes this or their games. Only how great the illegal are.
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    Know a coach in the SEC

    Not sure how many members there on DFP. There must be a lot. But someone must know a coach in the SEC. Could you ask them about Barnhill and Carlson Illegal pitches(ing) and why it is not called.
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    Amanda Scarbough is doing the Florida on 4/30/17

    Amanda twitted out that she is doing the Florida game on 4/30/2017. They are playing Tennessee. It should be on ESPN2. If Barnhill is pitching I will be twitting at her and asking if Barnhill is double planting. Just a thought the more that twit at Amanda maybe she will say something.
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    tough call... right call.!?

    I was watching a 10U championship game before our game. Scenario: Two runners were on base and the batter gets up and hits a HOMERUN down the left field 200 feet line. She was 9 years old. I was so happy for the little girl. What an accomplishment. Here is where the argument comes in and...
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    Big Ten Network Schedule for 2017

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    Need hitting advice

    My DD is popping up a lot of hits. Here is a video https://youtu.be/4sJiJ_OT7us
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    New phone, need SB apps

    I have a new iPhone 7+. I would like to put some softball apps on it but do not know of any. This is my first smart phone. I am a newbie. So I do not have a clue what is good or bad. Any advice on free apps or ones you need to buy. If you do use them could you give me the positive or negative...
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    Swiching Pitching Styles

    My DD is 5'5" tall and 16 years old. Since she started pitching she has kept the ball to the side and then pitched (not a bring one arm back pitcher). Almost every time we pitch together she always says "I wish I was faster". She has good to great movement most of the time. When we are doing...
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    Big Ten Softball TV Schedule

    Has the Big Ten Softball TV Schedule been posted yet? If so could you share it.

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