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    Any reason you shouldn't buy a swing tracker?

    We have blast and love it. DD likes the fun and challenge it bring to her reps. We don't pay the extra for the connection subscription. Our hitting coach mainly uses bat speed, attack angle, and time to contact, which are the metrics included for free. The only thing we don't like is the...
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    Marucci batting gloves for $5

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    'HONEY you should have had that grounder'

    In baseball, would a coach ever call his athlete's honey?
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    College recruiting and where to start

    Thanks for mentioning that site, that's making our search a lot less time consuming!
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    College recruiting and where to start

    At what age would that be? Like 1st or 2nd year 16u? If a team plays in showcases but is not one of the big name teams, can the athlete market herself well enough through contacting coaches, attending camps, and sending skills videos to make up for it? Or is playing for a we'll known team...
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    Best catching camp?

    I believe NECC did do road camps last year. DD currently takes catching lessons from a college player and they're great, just thought it would be good to get another perspective. How often does your DD go to catching lessons?
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    Best catching camp?

    What is the best catching clinic to watch for? Is it still Jay Weavers catching camp? Any others to put on our list?
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    Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

    Thanks for mentioning this one, I've never heard of it. It looks interesting and it's only $2.63 on Amazon right now. DD is 2nd year 14u so I figured I'll read it myself first. Thanks for the heads up on the language and rough situations.
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    Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

    Thanks! She did read a couple of the suggested books and I'd still like to pick up one or two more. She's always been a kid that likes to read, but I've noticed that she's not as likely to pick up a book nowadays so I decided to try a different approach. Now I will occasionally play a podcast or...
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    Signing Day for kids that don't play school ball

    I've seen some sign at their hitting facility with their hitting coach and travel coach in attendance.
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    Going to lessons~What plan and path did you take?

    DD started hitting lessons a few months before she made the change from rec to travel (2nd year 12u). We choose the facility because it seemed like it was THE place to go. Everyone we knew that went to hitting lessons went there. We loved our coach, but they were group lessons. We were fine with...
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    POLL 🏁Catchers secondary position

    2nd year 14u DD is a utility. Last fall she played middle infield, this summer she played outfield, and this year it's looking like the corners. She'll play anywhere.
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    No 2021 Xeno, say it ain't so

    My DD loves the look of the twilight too, and has an older xeno that she really likes. LS describes the twilight as "Balanced swing weight that is perfect for all player types". So MadBandit22, does this xeno no longer feel like an end loaded bat?
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    travel teams in Northeastern IN

    I have a 14 year old daughter that has done a couple clinics at Summit City Sluggers and they have been great. I've also heard good things about Fort Wayne Freeze. If I had to do it over again, I would have tried to get my daughter in to Indiana Magic Gold's development program. 12 u is the...
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Thanks DRDRODD, appreciate all the feedback. What you wrote sounds a lot like what she's working on for hitting... Figuring out how to get tension in her core and getting better with weight transfer. Are these mechanisms pretty similar for hitting and throwing?
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Thanks so much for posting this!
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Can I get some feedback on this video versus the one I originally posted? Looks like we've made progress with her elbow not coming as far forward, but not much improvement with the international rotation of the rear leg that Gags mentioned above? Thank you for the help. Sorry about the video...
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    High Level swing

    This was very helpful Eric, it's great to hear some personal experience! Thanks!
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    High Level swing

    Can you tell me what the TM stands for so I can read more about that? I googled TM swing but nothing came up.

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