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    Increasing communication.....and candy

    So we noticed something last night at our first practice....we were running some situational full defensive work, we had 3 new girls out of 10 at practice we have LONG struggled with getting our catchers to be vocal......we just have a couple of quiet catchers, they have been working on it, but...
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    Maine style

    Feeling the effects of a little early spring.....we might actually get outside before the 3rd week of April this year haha DD #1 putting work in our in the yard....the only dry spot she could find lol
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    Prospect camp

    DD #1 is a 2022 - yesterday she got her first invite to a prospect camp, at U of Hartford.......BU, Sacred Heart and a few others will be there Realistically these lower level D1 programs are more than likely a reach.....she's #2 in her class, a very good travel ball player for the northeast...
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    DD made varsity

    as a freshman - she was one of 9 locks to make varsity after yesterday's last set of tryouts....a few swing spots are still up for grabs i actually kind of expect her to nail down a starting spot, but first things first!
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    here's a new one for me

    Coach this weekend playing his 12u team up in 14 bracket.....not a bad local 12u team, they were lucky it was a weak bracket, though......they got two wins out of the weekend in our game he was running his mouth before things even started.....there's history (from their side) with our program...
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    No Errors

    anyone have any experience with warranty claims with No Errors? My Ball Boy XL just sprung a zipper on one of the rounded corners on the top flap still usable, just can't fully unzip....bag has been great other than this really hoping they will ship a replacement before i send them this one...
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    Does it get worse

    than first year 14u? DD1 needed a new mask......all the padding and straps on her original Rip It youth were shot......picked up a Schutt Titanium.....I loved the weight and construction she said it was "ugly" and that "all her teammates" on both teams had the Rip It long story short...
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    Quatro pro delayed?

    Rawlings now listing ship date as 4/30?
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    HAHAHA oops

    I guess USA/ASA had a state meeting last night Someone didn't realize USA now puts out an APPROVED list instead of the old "non-approved but stamped" list they printed out the current approved list and told everyone these bats were banned hahahaha i missed the meeting so missed the...
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    just a heads up if you have old CF9 -11's

    ebay is pumping these out right now just sold two used CF9 -11's.....both were well cared for but obviously used, used lizard skin grips 31/20 went for 217.50 and 30/19 went for $222 dad from our travel team just had me list a 30/19 for him, same condition, with lizard skin - i dropped it...
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    Ball Boy XL

    https://no-errors.com/products/the-ball-boy-xl anyone have any experience with those? looks slick, but for $199 I'd love to hear some first hand experiences
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    OK bunt

    anyone have any thoughts about the bunt, called fair, that ignited OK's 4 run inning last night?
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    monsta torch

    i see the anticipated ship date has been bumped from 4/15 to 5/15 no email out to those of us that ordered one, which would have been cool odds i see this before tourney season is over? lol
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    need some bat help

    i have a parent looking for a bat for his daughter she's played rec ball.....one year of middle school height wise she should be in a 32.....her swing is ok, she's a good athlete, and if she listens to me we can probably get it pretty workable in pre-season thinking -11 or even -12...
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    need a christmas present help

    middle DD is a catcher......she's in her last year of 10u - she's small, super fast, very smart, natural leader.......she really took to catching last year looking for a CURRENT college catcher for her to watch......while we are able to watch a fair amount of college on TV, she doesn't have a...
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    thanks, core.....now i have a dilemma

    DD has been a LS girl since we went to high end bats..... currently swinging a 2016 30/19 LXT plus she's a tiny little 2B in her first year of 12u travel right now, she's in her head a little.....she had a .700+ OBP in our first tourney, 14 runs scored in 5 games out of the 2 hole.....she...
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    Ringor Customer Service

    bought both DD's Ringors this year - they've been thrilled with them oldest (12u) had a patch of blue come off the toe....down to bare leather....she is not a pitcher up here in Maine we're just getting rolling; just had our first tourney last weekend (took the title, too ;) ) emailed...
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    need a good newbie tutorial/video

    I've got a good friend out west, his DD is 6 she is getting into softball, he is looking for a good basic online tutorial/video to teach her the basics he's a bright guy, was a decent athlete......but still doesn't want anything super technical suggestions? i think he needs super basics...
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    if this has been beat to death, let me know..... we caught flack yesterday for slashing....finals of a 10u travel tournament (we lost 4-2) other team was crashing HARD every bunt.....they were at times ending up 5-6' from the box by the time the pitch got there top 5, we slashed out lead...