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  1. tonya_leigh73

    NCAA Covid Automatic Waiver

    My daughter is a D1 freshman so the Eligibility Center /waiver is foreign to me. Can someone please explain in layman's terms what this means?
  2. tonya_leigh73

    Should she accept first offer?

    This recruiting process feels so much like musical chairs! My sophomore Pitcher daughter will be going on visit and getting her first offer in a couple of weeks. She has been on a few other unofficial's with some coach calls, to other schools with "offers to offer later on", which really...
  3. tonya_leigh73

    To join showcase team or not?

    Here is a huge dilemma giving me terrible stress and I need some outside opinions. My daughter plays with a group of hometown girls who's she's played with since she began at 7yrs old. They are all now 13-15yrs old and play on their HS travel team together. They love each other like sisters...
  4. tonya_leigh73

    The FastPitch Recruits Network? Other Recruiting Sites?

    Anyone have experience good or bad with "The FastPitch Recruits Network"? I'm on the free trial and really don't want to pay another subscription if it's an average recruiting site. My daughter (class 2020) has a membership with NCSA , Playced and Be-recruited and have had some good success...

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