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    Best catching camp?

    What is the best catching clinic to watch for? Is it still Jay Weavers catching camp? Any others to put on our list?
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    High Level swing

    Feel free to explain why or why not you are teaching/learning this method.
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    Softball news articles

    Post the stories you run across here https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2020/03/12/this-unfathomable-michigan-wolverines-softball-coach-carol-hutchins-breaks-news-sports-shutdown-play/5038729002/
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    Who to buy LXT from?

    Since Core doesn't sell LXTs, anyone have a recommendation on who to buy one from?
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    Chicago Bandits clinic?

    Has anyone been to one of the Chicago Bandits clinics and have any feedback?
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    Overhand throwing mechanics

    Does anyone have good slow motion video or pictures of overhand throwing? My DD is getting different advise from different coaches and I don't want to do a random Google search as I know there is misinformation out there. I looked through both the throwing and model fielding stickys but...
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    Watching games on TV

    This is kind of a dumb question, but we don't watch much TV in our house so we don't have cable, Hulu live, or sling. We have a smart TV but pretty much just use it for Netflix and Amazon Prime. What's the most affordable way for us to watch some of these games? Will they be on YouTube a day or...
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    How far do you drive?

    How far away are your travel ball practices?
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    Middle infield glove

    You guys were so helpful with recommendations for a catcher's mitt that I'd love to hear your recommendations for a middle infield glove. My daughter is 13. $50 - $150 price range. Thank you!
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    Catchers mitt for 14u, $150 or less?

    Hi. My 13 year old DD has been playing since T-ball but is brand new to catching. She's borrowing a 1st baseman's glove for now (Rawlings Liberty Advanced) until we buy her one. Ideally we would like to pay no more then $150 until we know for sure she is going to stick with this. Her hands are...
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    Book - mental toughness or other softball related favorites?

    Looking to get my teen daughter a new book or two for Christmas. Anyone have a favorite mental toughness or other softball related book?
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    From Michigan

    Hi. I've been following along for a while now and finally decided to join. I have 2 girls that have played softball since t-ball, one is 13 and the other just graduated from high school.

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