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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    i dont know how to set it up. It's recording in short 8-10min segments. I have the ScanDisk Extreme Plus Card and running setup like lynkspyder recommends. I've read some online instructions telling me to format things one way but i dont want to screw it up as there are a lot of different...
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    everyone still feel good about the Mizuna PC F20? My dd needs to go heavier

    and i'm seeing a drop 9 in this bat. Any thoughts.. Her 30/20 is hot as hell. Wife doesn't like the end cap rattle on bad hits but it doesn't bother me.
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    out going to second after a walk

    Runner on 3rd and our batter walks. She drops the bat and sprints to first and never checks up and heads to second. The umpire calls her out because the pitcher has the ball in the circle. The pitcher did have the ball and was either in the circle with one foot maybe both but not on the rubber...
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    We are cheaters...

    Says the score keeper from our opponents team tonight in 8u dixie baseball. (Guess who won). Here are the plays in question: 2 outs and a kid hits a rocket to right. Fastest kid in the league btw. Rounds first hard heading to second and the first baseman backs into him trying to get out of the...
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    10yr dd swing

    With some help from a fellow here, gotta go back and dig up his handle, and some work local here is my dd swing. Still work in progress. Pitching work is putting hitting on the back burner some. https://youtu.be/asqkDX-VZ9Y
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    DD got to swing a hot cf8 tonight. just about put one over

    Okay- back story my dd hasn't quite reached her potential hitting and we've just switched some things up (thanks to this site and helpful posting and some private responses). She just turned 10 so i havent expected a lot of power. she's always had good timing but had been flipping her wrists...
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    dixie ball question- Angels Xplay

    Ok in States we were down 6 and were coming back. Girl a hit it to right field and they threw home. The girl coming home was safe and the batter ran to second when she saw the throw head that way. She was behind the second baseman when the catcher picked up the ball and threw to the pitcher...
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    another critique my daughter video if anyone has time

    edit deleted the vid. got some good help thru here

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