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  1. J

    Outfielder Glove Upgrade

    DD has been playing with a now floppy and worn out Rawlings FP125. She has a 15th birthday coming in Dec and I’d like to get her an upgrade. Local selection is limited as you could imagine. She likes the Rawlings and seems to manage well with the 12.5”. She mentioned a glove in gray. Looking...
  2. J

    Questionable IF fly.

    First pool play game of the day. We are the home team and following a couple miscues our girls are down 2 runs and bases are loaded now outs. Flare to the SS (not a line drive and pop up). SS gets to it and makes the catch(or so we thought when home ump signals out without an infield fly...
  3. J

    Saw a new one today

    So we are playing the Semifinal 14B USSSA state tourney bracket game today. Back and forth game with lots of scoring. We were batting in the top of 4th with about 15 min left. Nice rally going to score 3 runs to tie the game at 9 each. No outs. Our number 4 batter comes to the plate with a...
  4. J

    Obstruction times 2

    We had our first 9/10 LL tournament softball game tonight. Our team was visitors. Bottom of 3rd score is 3-3 runners on 2nd and 3rd. Wild Pitch Catcher grabs the ball and tosses to the pitcher covering. Pitcher bobbles but then gains control and runner on 3 slides into the glove. Plate ump...
  5. J

    Bailing out-need an intervention

    DD is 13 and playing fall ball. Having a terrible time at the plate. She's moving her feet and bailing even before the pitch is released. Struggling with live pitching hammers it at the batting cages. Does great with soft toss and tee work but gets in the box and has happy feet. It's...

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