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    CDC NEW RECOMMENDATIONS Guidance as of 3/15/2020 Large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in the United States via travelers who attend these events and introduce the virus to new communities. Examples of large events and mass gatherings include conferences...
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    Turfs verse cleats

    my daughter hates cleats now. She got turf shoes last year and loves pitching in them she wont even wear her expensive pitching cleats.
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    Barry Bonds vs. Finch

    thought bonds was hitting on her creepily (sp*?)
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    CF9 or CF Zen?? Help

    I just sold a 30/20 power carbon and my daughter liked it better than the demarini's. It had a lot more pop. A lot more. She had the gray/blue demarini (zen?)
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    What makes you lose your mind?

    my son is the kevin Youkilis of 9u. I told him to stop looking for walks and he gets so damn mad at me. He kills the ball for his age in the cage or during practice. Hits rockets then. Game time he watches a couple wild ones and he's not ready for a strike. I think he got 6 walks this...
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    this is what I have. 50 Mbps Internet $ 40 00 * $25 off for 2 months! Price after two months: $65/mo Up to 50 Mbps download/10 Mbps upload Best for 2-5 devices Good for streaming shows, movies and music Downloads large files FREE Internet Security & Data Protection...
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    Now- for more help. What I've done is save the game in whole to the pc from movavi. I am attempting to upload to youtube from there. Is that my best option as far as sharing with people? My laptop doesn't have a ethernet port so im uploading wifi to youtube. Our net is fast but obviously not...
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    Ugh i'm still having trouble. I copied the mp4 files from my gopro and sent them to my laptop in a folder. I tried uploading to Movavi and it keeps saying corrupted or unsupported files. I've been able to load from the gopro to the laptop on the gopro quick launch icon that is on my pc. But i...
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    i'm adding the media from the gopro camera itself. it says media corrupt or usupported format. it's saving it in mp4 and i got one to upload to youtube. and all to upload to the gopro app.
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    Thanks- i'll check that out in the morning. long first tournament then came home to watch my recording of Hoos beating Dook. Any suggestions to load to youtube for sharing easily. i guess if i join them as per suggestion it'll be easier than trying to upload all of them individually. seems...
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    yes, that is correct. i was taking a guess and looking back thats what mine is doing.
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    need help w/gopro Hero Black 5. i want to record without chapters and

    i dont know how to set it up. It's recording in short 8-10min segments. I have the ScanDisk Extreme Plus Card and running setup like lynkspyder recommends. I've read some online instructions telling me to format things one way but i dont want to screw it up as there are a lot of different...
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    GoPro for beginners

    bumping this old thread. Hero black 5 with lynkspyder set up. What do i do to stop chaptering and record a single file for ball games.
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    Two fantastic 11.75” NP5’s on sale.

    These are my first expensive glove buys for my boys. I was a catcher back in the day and Wilson A2000 is the only glove I know/knew by name. I had no idea r2g meant ready to go. Cause that, they ain’t. I just bought them because they were a deal and I have heard the heart of hide was good but...
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    Two fantastic 11.75” NP5’s on sale.

    DD has it at school today for try outs. If she’s home before I go to work tonight I’ll snap a pic. And hey I’m not a glove expert so I could be wrong. But I’m certain its that model. Any thoughts on the R2Gs? Good deal or no? Decent glove?
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    Two fantastic 11.75” NP5’s on sale.

    I like it better than the boys R2G's which cost more. I paid $89 for this glove. They were all discounted heavily at play it again. I enquired on why such a drastic discount. They said these models were last years and they bought them from rawlings in a bundle buy as rawlings was trying to...
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    Two fantastic 11.75” NP5’s on sale.

    Are you selling them? I just got my daughter the second one. Same time I got both my boys R2G heart of hide gloves 11.25" for $150 and my daughter the Pro Preffered.
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    everyone still feel good about the Mizuna PC F20? My dd needs to go heavier

    Oh ok I hadn’t checked into that. We’re not ready for that length yet. I don’t know if a 31/21 will be a smart move. Yes it’ll be heavier but the added inch might make her swing long, idk

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