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    In tournament recovery methods

    It is well known by most knowledgeable pitching instructors that growth plates are very vulnerable to serious permanent injury until a girl gets past PUBERTY and the growth plates solidify. When a pitcher below this age is worked too much it will set up the great likelihood of permanent damage...
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    HD Slow Motion video Erin

    As others asked, what is her height, weight and arm length from top point of shoulder straight down to middle finger tip? If you live in central Texas, I can recommend an instructor - me. The drive length is relative to her height. She does drive somewhat well but leg action is not as strong as...
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    elbow whip vs. forceful follow thru

    redhawkridge is correct and I work with the same age girls, also. But we are not talking about simple mechanics here. Arm whip mechanics is something I do not teach until after a student has gotten accustomed to good body mechanics. BTW, Jenni F's video is for the purpose of arm whip mechanics...
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    Problem with release

    Good suggestions above. If the ball is moving inside or outside that is not necessarily a posture problem. The posture problem you describe would cause the ball to go high. The inside or outside problem can be from plant foot placement accuracy or it can be from hand position and movement at...
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    Rise or optical illusion?

    I have seen Lisa F, from 20 feet away, throw a rise ball that really does jump up. I was surprised how much it jumped but it did. No guess - FACT. The rise ball I teach does jump up for a fact. Some times it does as J.K. says but that is just a high fast ball. The best way to see a rise ball's...
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    elbow whip vs. forceful follow thru

    See if this will help you learn the arm whip correctly. I do not prescribe to "jam" their elbow into their torso before release and stop it there. You only touch your side in a brushing movement. That is a signal for your upper arm to slow down quickly and for your forearm to speed up. Any time...
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    Leap and drag Vs. Step

    Hal, I respect that you have been saying that for 10 years. But your reply is too simplistic and lacks the detailed technical aspects of the step method done correctly with power. I have seen a lot of girls pitch using the step method you described. I have seen only a couple who do it right.
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    Increasing velocity

    sluggers reply is quite good with the exception of developing arm whip. Using Denny's method is not conducive to arm whip. Cheri Kempf's videos get closer to that development. Arm whip is necessary for more speed. BTW, Jenni F's rise is the best I have seen as for pure reverse spin. As with all...
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    Pitching, wrist, shoulder, and back issues

    Assuming correct mechanics, the main points are over-use and improper care after use. I have noticed that too many girls throw too many practice pitches. Also, they do not stretch after a workout and do not ice their arm parts afterwards. These are vital elements in keeping the arm healthy again...
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    Hand/Thumb Position @ 3 o'clock

    If you want some one to learn to arm whip properly then they need to face the palm to 3rd base from the top until very near release. A slightly bent elbow leading into the release will assist in the arm whip. As stated above the hand should make a closing movement at release (depending on which...
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    Leap and drag Vs. Step

    What is Step Method I have not read one correct description of the Step Method of pitching. Correctly done, the Step Method mechanic that adds power to the pitch is the simultaneous push at release with the pivot foot from the front of the rubber. (None of the videos submitted are step...
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    closed hip

    rex At the 1996 Olympics, a study/analysis was done on the pitchers (One of the Steadman-Hawkins Reports Softball Pitching at the 1996 Olympic Games). It determined that the optimum power position for the hips at release was 45-52 degrees. If you will carefully notice the CatO pitch segment you...

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