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    Proud Dad Moment

    My DD a very young first year 12U player (a 2025 who turns 11 in two weeks) pitched this weekend against an all 2nd year older 12u team. Her team got killed, but what really made me proud was speaking with a parent from the other team. He singled out my DD (without knowing that she was my DD)...
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    How important is getting innings?

    My DDs current situation is she is on a team with a lot of pitchers. I mean, a lot. This is a nationally ranked organization that has a good off-season workout program for hitters and pitchers. We've already attended one of the hitting and one of the pitching workouts and they were both...
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    Am I right or wrong here?

    DD is a second year 10u player. She is her TB teams #1 pitcher. Her team played in a Fall fast pitch league. The league was three games on Saturday's with 1.5 hour drop dead times. There were 6 teams in the league so we played teams multiple times. During the second to last Saturday of Fall...
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    10u Tournament Protocol on Sundays

    Curious how other teams handle the Sunday lineups. My main question is about pitching at the 10u level. Do teams run a stud pitcher out there for all three games or do they limit them by pitch or innings counts. I get the impression that some teams just trot out their #1 until their arm falls...
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    Tryout Etiquette - Pitching

    Back story: My DD is a 10u player that I have been converting the past 6 months from HE to IR. She has been doing an amazing job and is finally starting to get the IR mechanics down. In our workouts her PC has eliminated many of the mechanical drills that were customary in her HE practices...
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    IR Pitching Coaches

    Is there a database where I can see what coaches teach I/R in different states?

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