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    Dugout player spacing for games?

    We are starting up again for our team this weekend in So Cal and was wondering how you guys are handling spacing for your players during games? Mainly on offense when everyone is in usually in dugout. Thx
  2. Q

    Which side??

    Ok, daughter is left handed, but she tends to naturally want to swing righty. So, been having her switch hit for her first year of tee ball. Which side looks smoothest? Keep switch hitting or let her focus on her more natural (to her) right handed? She's been working on firm front side and...
  3. Q

    OC Elite... what happened to them?

    Years ago many girls around OC played for them. Our oldest even played a few tournaments back in 10u while still thinking about playing TB and filling in a few weekends. But, over the past 2-3 yrs I just don't hear or see them anywhere. They had a JC field to practice on (not the best), but it...
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    Louisiana Lafayette split grip technique...anyone use it or have DD use it?

    Was watching a replay of a 2013 (I think) game yesterday on ESPN and LL Ragin Cajuns were playing Auburn and almost every hitter for LL used the split grip and open stance their coach (Lotief) is/was known for. At the time back then I remember it and how different it seemed to be...and...
  5. Q

    Anyone still playing? Got shut down again here in So Cal

    We got in about 2 weeks of practice for All Stars 12u here in Orange County, but got shut down...Travel Ball did as well. "No youth sports". How's it going in your neck of the woods?
  6. Q

    Crack or ??

    Noticed this on my DD 2018 Easton Ghost ( only had it since Oct 2019 though). Never used on machine dimple balls...only regular softballs (tee, toss, games). She's 11 and 5-1 100lbs and nobody else uses bat. Since no game now I cant judge that but weve gone to fields on own and hit tee and...
  7. Q

    Catcher leg/shin guards...recommendations?

    Younger DD has been usually getting hand me downs from her big sister and now the 12 yr old is almost as tall as the 15 yr old and has outgrown her current pair of leg/shin guards. Any suggestions? Brands? She's 5-2 and her knee to ankle length is between 13-15 inches. She tried on her older...
  8. Q

    What's your softball coaching wagon setup?

    Interested in how other coaches carry, haul, lug all the $#!+ we have to carry to and from the fields. 😵😀 What "mods" have you done to your rides (aka the wagon)? We aren't back playing yet so I dont have a pic. But usually mine is: Wagon (Costco) 3 buckets of balls, wiffles and my crap...
  9. Q

    Alexis 11yrs

    Finally able to get on fields here in So Cal for first time since March. Alexis is 11 and we've done some backyard hitting off tee and front toss into net but no games or "live" since early March. She plays 12u Rec ball. Ill reserve my "assessment" and just get input on what you may see...
  10. Q

    So who has started playing again?

    Just wondering who has started playing games and practicing? What state/city? Rec or Travel Ball? Tournaments or friendlies? We are in So Cal (Orange County) and my older daughters HS season got canceled back in early April. My younger daughter in 12u Rec also got canceled and no leagues around...
  11. Q

    In honor of Fred Willard...watch the movie All Stars

    If you are on this board and have ever coached softball this is hilarious. Tip of the hat to you Fred. And as you watch it...at one point you will say to yourself, "HA! I'm totally THAT guy/mom/parent/coach!" The characters are so true. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3113448/
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    Knuckleballs possible?

    My two daughters had their time trying pitching for a few years and then decided it wasnt for them...but as a baseball guy I was always thinking ...I never see a knuckleball type pitch in softball. I know its even rare in baseball...but damn think how effective it would be in softball bcuz...
  13. Q

    Obstruction question...

    Runner on 1st. Batter hits ball to RCF gap...runner from 1st rounds 2nd and continues to 3rd. SS is on bag in her way as she goes by...Umpire signals obstruction..ball is thrown to SS who then turns and throws to 3B. The runner at thid point has passed 3rd and is a few steps toward home. Runner...
  14. Q

    ASA/USA softball Rulebook link to full book?

    Anyone have the direct link to the full ASA rulebook? I only find the updates or "changes" to certain rules. Not the entire book. Thx
  15. Q

    Thoughts on 13yr old DD swing....been out 10 months due to injury

    Hey, just thought I'd get some thoughts on what you may see compared to what I "think" I see as her Dad. Just coming back after 10 months off due to back injury (catcher). 13yrs old gonna try out for HS team in August. First time hitting with the new CFX. Had a Tuff Sleeve on for a few and then...

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