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  1. sluggers

    Video of catching drills

    I ran across this and thought some of you might like it.
  2. sluggers

    Locker room baptisms at Texas Tech?

    This keeps getting weirder and weirder. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/2020/10/01/baptisms-uncovered-review-texas-tech-softball-program/5877520002/
  3. sluggers

    Texas Tech softball coach leaves

    Another one bites the dust. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2020/09/23/texas-tech-softball-coach-resigns-amid-review-well-being-players/
  4. sluggers

    Where all the softball players are going...

    Collegiate bass season? https://www.wrul.com/local-news/wvc-bass-team-signs-mason-gross-of-carmi/ "My kid has six different kinds of casts. I like to stand on the shore and tell her which one to use."
  5. sluggers

    Crazy college coach

    And they exist in softball as well. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/sports/ncaaw/big12/2020/08/05/marlene-stollings-texas-tech-program-culture-abuse-players-say/5553370002/
  6. sluggers

    A youth sport story--I can't make this stuff up.

    I'll refer to the school as Ivy League School. The school was either Harvard, Yale or Princeton. Mother played a sport at Ivy League School She wanted her DD to play for Ivy League School. For whatever reason...athletic talent, grades, eye color...the kid wasn't offered a position on...
  7. sluggers

    Every dark cloud has a silver lining...

    There are discussions that HS softball will go ahead, but parents won't be allowed at the games. Perhaps this should be adopted permanently...just to prevent the spread of future viruses.
  8. sluggers

    Emma Humplik

    Anyone seen her play? https://www.insider.com/video-college-softball-recruit-hits-batting-practice-home-run-moonshots-2020-7?amp
  9. sluggers

    Softball returns to Dallas...and everyone ignores social distancing

    There is a big tournament in Plano, TX, just outside of Dallas. Of course, no one is following the social distancing rules. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/softball/2020/06/15/club-softball-returns-in-d-fw-but-at-least-on-opening-day-safety-recommendations-are-largely-ignored/
  10. sluggers

    Softball plays--question for RAD

    @RADcatcher played at the top of the softball pyramid. It is really great to have someone available with that kind of experience. I'm curious about defensive positioning. For the coverage on steals at 2B, did you change who covered on a steal?
  11. sluggers

    Ecstatic parent after home run

    I'm sure we have all felt this way....I like the bat flip.
  12. sluggers

    Allegation of abuse at DePaul U.

  13. sluggers

    American Legion baseball regionals and championship cancelled for summer

    American Legion baseball regionals and championship are cancelled. Many of the states are also cancelling the summer season. Seems unlikely there will be a summer travel season for baseball or softball. https://www.legion.org/baseball
  14. sluggers

    Michael Jordan's Ten Rules for Success

    Good video putting together some "talking points" about Jordan's career. #4 is, in my opinion, the most important for parents to understand. Learning about failure is important. It is OK to fail...we all do. Parents try hard to take failure away from kids, by making excuses or by...
  15. sluggers

    Best softball story

    What is your best softball story? What is agood story that captures the true flavor of being Parent/Coach/Player in the Softball Universe? Mine: I'm standing next to a Pitcher's Daddy. The pitcher throws one over the middle of the plate. The batter hits a line drive rocket off the right...
  16. sluggers

    RAD, what are the three best drills for catchers?

    @RADcatcher Since you were an All-American catcher and have coached for 30+ years, what do you think are the best three drills newbie catchers should do?
  17. sluggers

    All championships for NCAA sports are cancelled.

    From the NCAA website: https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2020-03-12/ncaa-cancels-remaining-2020-winter-and-spring-championships All D1, D2 and D3 championships have been cancelled. At this point, it doesn't appear that the regular season has been cancelled.
  18. sluggers

    Telling a kid she needs a new glove?

    Have any of you ever told a player that she needs a new glove? The kid is good, but her glove is holding her back. She has an old OF glove, but it is misshapen and floppy. She had trouble making with transfers. There are cost issues, of course. No idea if it would be a burden on her...
  19. sluggers

    Houston Astros and the limits of sign stealing

    In case someone has not been following baseball, the Houston Astros stole signs on their way to a World Series' Championship by using a camera located in CF. Someone in the Astros organization would zoom in on the catcher and figure out the signs used by the other team's catcher. That...
  20. sluggers

    MaxPrep's Top 25 HS teams

    There are always comments about HS ball this time of year. But, take my word on it...Norco and Lakewood Ranch are as good as any TB team in the US. Full article: MaxPrep's Top 25 1. Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton, Fla.) Coach: T.J. Goelz 2019: 30-1, lost in the 8A state championship game...

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