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  1. lhowser

    Sitting on a bucket or stand for front toss

    I believe quality front toss is really important. In general, I do not believe players see enough ball coming at them at paths and angles that mimick real pitches. I like Jugs machines in the mix at a good middle speed for the age bracket. Do not like the TCB weighted balls (they fall too...
  2. lhowser

    Is rotation nonsense?

    The reason I feel it is reasonable to describe the swing as rotational is - As the front foot lands the head no longer has any forward movement and yet at the same time the bat is in full launch/load position. At this point, the bat head is over 90 degrees from the point of contact. Since the...
  3. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    That's good input. That is what makes this forum great. Link me to the Braun Drill. Here is a swing we like. What is going on here that leads to that quick barrel turn and nice extension.
  4. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    I think you are on to something in your observation. OR at least the concept of what is going on. I am going to proceed with caution so we work on the right thing because she really does hit well but I know she can do better and she is open to it
  5. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    Amen to these observations. Thoughts on cues?
  6. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    Great question. No reason for it and I think it may be because of something upstream. I believe she is trying to create extension at the finish. If you notice she does not have the very common high level Fastpitch finish after contact where the top arm releases to straight extension. In fact...
  7. lhowser

    What does this tell you?

    I am guessing but I think it was - "2 Strikes...should I reach for this thing??...NOoooooo, that thing is way out of the zone, what was I thinking?"
  8. lhowser

    What does this tell you?

    Right, that's why he didn't swing. His brain said - "If I am already in this bad position way back here even with two strikes I ain't swinging at THAT ball!" (or something like that) Would like to see a few frames earlier to see how he got to this armbar.
  9. lhowser

    What does this tell you?

    It tells me the decision not to swing was made very early. He was moving towards low and outside and then realized it was out of the zone and decelerated with the armbar and holding the wrist angle
  10. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    It's been a while since I shared an update. Here is the swing as of 10-12-20. We like a lot of what is going on. Getting better staying in the back and keeping the coil until she gets to the front. Still improving. Still enjoy Dad/Daughter time on the field as much as when she was 8!
  11. lhowser

    Front Toss Vid

    Agreed. I just checked it out. Some great game footage there and some big plays and great running after the hit.
  12. lhowser

    Hate 3rd base

    Mine plays 3rd in college and admittedly she says it come hard...very hard. It's not for everyone. For her, it truly is a craft. Backhand mechanics, range, and angles to the 5/6 hole. Reading the hands of lefties and playing in as much as possible. She doesn't think about the fear because she...
  13. lhowser

    Bat drag

    Well...this guy is all over Youtube. His focus is almost entirely the top arm which he says nearly everyone is misunderstanding the use of. He further states that the more current emphasis on "Turn the Barrel" and "Having the Battel arc towards the catcher" is leading to bat drag. I am sorting...
  14. lhowser

    I’m at a loss... help !

    We will never know if it is the coach and the pressure and confidence and the sucking the fun out of it and the too much tough love if we don't see a video. Preferably a video not edited of a series of pitches. There may be no solution if the pitching mechanics are bad.
  15. lhowser

    Front Toss Vid

    Glad that you included the end shot of the HR off of the tee. In my opinion, the tee swing is an entirely different swing and much better. Here are the two things that I see and continue to work on with my DD. 1. Bat path is completely different in tee swing vs. front toss swing. Tee swing is...
  16. lhowser

    Change Up Results in Multiple Strikeouts

    Now that's efficiency!
  17. lhowser

    Change Up Results in Multiple Strikeouts

    Is there any way to reproduce this pitch in the windmill motion? It seems very effective -
  18. lhowser

    I’m at a loss... help !

    Just post the video. If someone has the right mechanics they won't pitch that bad or slow
  19. lhowser

    I’m at a loss... help !

    Definitely should post a video. Most of the time mechanical issues lead to confidence issues, not the other way around. A good understanding and execution of mechanics bring success...then success brings confidence. If she is bouncing it and then throwing it over the catcher it is highly...
  20. lhowser

    Does a big push out REALLY increase speed?

    Is this "closing" referring to pulling the push leg forward as quickly as you can when the stride leg lands?

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