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  1. J

    Pure barrels or cut!

    I believe the cut swing is what gets way more balls out in softball vs the pure barrel. Sierra is cutting these. Gonna experiment myself, figure this mess out, then teach my DD. Last year Emma my DD hit her first homerun in 12U and she hit a ball like this. She didn't do it...
  2. J

    Emma Progression

    Alright fellows and ladies. 2nd eyes requested again to help us on the journey. I am much better at analyzing other kids swings than my own. BIAS is real. Thanks again.
  3. J

    13YO DD

    I am very active on the softball hitting technical forum. It has been huge in my understanding of the swing and helping me as a coach and parent. I wanted to post this and see what good advice the guru's on the pitching side have to say. This is my 13YO DD Emma. Thanks
  4. J

    Tying it together. Lag then chop, but the bottom half? Rich was half right.

    So I now believe that you get to bat lag by a massive pull of the core. You pull the knob down and forward. Like tug of war. Then you chop. Great got the upper body part, but how does this tie into the lower body? My thoughts are the Rick is half right about the 1 leggedness. It is 1...
  5. J

    DD Progression, What's next?

    Here is Emma again, First 3 with Power Carbon, 2nd 3 with ASA Ghost
  6. J

    DD's Swing evaluation

    Wanted some feedback from our very knowledgeable board members. DD is 11.
  7. J

    Bullet Spin Ueno

    I have really been researching the correct spin to teach my new pitchers. To sum up the debate points: For Bullet Spin: It is a natural spin when IR is done correctly. The football drill teaches this. Better accuracy...

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