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  1. lhowser

    Change Up Results in Multiple Strikeouts

    Is there any way to reproduce this pitch in the windmill motion? It seems very effective -
  2. lhowser

    Does a big push out REALLY increase speed?

    We've all heard these phrases - "Push out like a sprinter", "Push out further", "Power comes from the legs because they are the bigger muscles", "Push harder or quicker"! Has anyone actually seen speed significantly increase with an increased push off and why does pushing out with the legs make...
  3. lhowser

    Step by step hitting guide

    I ran across this video I put together a few years ago. I would change a few things today but I thought it would be fun to share. It's a pretty cool production (If I say so myself) and there is some good info for those just starting out or intermediate in their hitting journey. Enjoy
  4. lhowser

    Latest swings from long time DFP member

    Most recent swings from DD. Focusing quite a few swings on keeping hands in and going opp. She has come a long way through what we've learned here on DFP. Still learning. Now playing D2 college. Enjoy...
  5. lhowser

    Input needed on this hardworking young pitcher

    Working with this young pitcher. There's a bunch here to like (especially her effort) but there are some serious issues. Having a hard time with her not bending at waist. She is pushing the ball instead of interally rotating. The arm is very straight down the backside. Looking for some...
  6. lhowser

    Latest swings from DD...Now playing D2 ball

    Had a fun workout with DD today. She is now a Freshman playing D2 ball. Dad still works with her and then sends her videos to look at. Today we were working on where to make contact and everyones favorite focus today....LAUNCH ANGLE. That you all would enjoy seeing where we are in the journey.
  7. lhowser

    A little bragging and a lot of thanks!

    My DD is a senior this year. We've had so many great softball experiences together. There are many, many to thank here at discussfastpitch.com. I've learned so much here and then taking the hitting advice discovered here and comparing it to top level hitters to come up with the best advice I...
  8. lhowser

    Brooke vs my DD

    Hate to throw my DD under the softball bus but I thought everyone here would find this instructional and helpful sooo... First off I have followed Brooke's swing on this site for a while. Amazing swing and softball dad for sharing insights with all of us. If you are unfamiliar you will have to...
  9. lhowser

    State Championship...moment of a lifetime!

    I've read and contributed to Discuss Fastpitch for years (Special mention to FFS who's hitting insights have been super helpful). Recently my DD was a part of one of the most memorable (and controversial) finishes ever seen in Ohio High School softball. Tons or excitement, stadium setting, huge...
  10. lhowser

    Here's My DD's Change Spin

    15U caught some good video of my DD's change release and spin. Thought other moms/dads and players might find it interesting
  11. lhowser

    This new training tool reflects a whole hitting philosophy...is it right?

    This new training tool reflects a whole hitting philosophy. Major themes include rotation as the key to power, maintaining elbow spacing through the swing, The lead shoulder pulling and the back arm angle remaining constant and connected to the side. Is it correct?
  12. lhowser

    Hitting...it's as easy as 1,2,3,4,5

    I wrote these directions out a few minutes ago. The idea was instructions for a beginner to intermediate player with a short attention span that needed some simple step by step instructions and cues for hitting. Have fun as an exercise approving, dissecting or completely tossing them out. What...
  13. lhowser

    Subject A, Control Subject, Elite College Hitters

    Here's a little video I put together for a girl I am working with. The first hitter is my kid, the second Subject A whom I am working with (I flip them somehow in the middle), and then the two of them compared to elite college athletes. The focus was pre-launch and first move. There is a lot to...
  14. lhowser

    Is this hitters elbow stuck/stalled? Why or why not?

    I have heard about elbow stall. It has been a concern with my kids swings. Is this hitters elbow stuck/stalled? Why or why not?
  15. lhowser

    Some game swings of some kids I get to coach

    Here are some kids I get the privilege to coach. Some more than others (2 are guesting over winter). Ages 13-15 taking some game swings indoors. They all look pretty good off tee and soft toss. Always more of a challenge to keep to form with real live pitching. One of them is my kid. (You might...
  16. lhowser

    Just when I'm ready to teach extention "Turn the Triangle" looks pretty good

    Just when I'm ready to teach extention "Turn the Triangle" looks pretty good This has the potential for an awesome discussion. I have taught for a long time maintaining distance between the elbows, at least to help get the barrel efficiently turned. Recently based on some video I have...
  17. lhowser

    High School Age Swings for Discussionm

    For comment, helpful input and group learning. Some girls I am working with (one is my kid) from recent practice including a few of my notes
  18. lhowser

    What do you see g/b/u (good, bad, ugly) on my 14U's swing

    What do you see g/b/u (good, bad, ugly) on my 14U's swing
  19. lhowser

    Lessons from a video I made of giving lessons

    Here is a video I put together of a 13 year old player that I worked with for the first time. She will be playing on my team this summer so I wanted to get her started on some of my hitting essentials. Previously played community rec ball where as an athlete she excelled. We worked and she...
  20. lhowser

    New way to create a GIF

    Annimated GIF files are the most effective way to post clips on a forum like this. Unfortunately it is not always easy for some. Try this new way to make GIF's from Youtube https://www.yahoo.com/tech/add-these-3-letters-to-any-youtube-clip-to-transform-95105632134.html

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