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    If I was the player Id be like.. WTH are you talking about!???!? Way too "wordy".
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    How do you decide?

    You're a better man than me lasting this long if she only had 18 AB's in 45 games. Even if that is an approximation, to me..that is ridiculously low. I'd be gone. Your daughter only has a few brief years to play the game and have fun and get better. There are no long careers for 99% of our DD's...
  3. Q

    Going to lessons~What plan and path did you take?

    To me that's the hard part accepting or hoping will happen...is that even though the private instructor is similar things I am/was and doing similar drills, I gotta fork out $$ to have my daughter listen to them say the same things. LOL :rolleyes: I've tried a couple with my 2 DD's, both for...
  4. Q

    Starting a 12U Travel softball team

    Bump. Just checking in to see what eventually happend? Im in the same spot now. Parents/Players I have coached over past 5 years have "encouraged" me to create a team and move to full time TB. Ive coached various sports for 25 years now (mostly HS baseball/football level) but last 8 in youth...
  5. Q

    Another Glove Recommendation Request (12 year old) [update: narrowed the field]

    Both my daughter's have used Mizuno Primes for 10u and 12u. Both 12.5 and a catchers mitt. Soft leather, easy break in. Catcher mitt took a lot longer. They needed them playable right away and little breaknin time. Each last 2+ seasons and then became too "floppy". Catchers mitt is still going 3...
  6. Q

    Video of catching drills

    Thx...good drills to try. But don't agree with "clear the mask" that's being taught. No need to...plus with that much hair on that kid he can't even see through his own doo with his mask off. He probably can see better with mask on keeping it out of his eyes. Lol 😜
  7. Q

    Marcela 11 years old

    I think we've all been there. Nothing sucks the life out of a game than walk walk walk walk wild pitch wild pitch. 😵 My DD (catcher) gives me this look of "oh boy here we go again" when a certain pitcher for her team goes in. Two pitchers walked 10 and hit 2 in our last game. Other team had 1...
  8. Q

    Speed. How fast is fast?

    Im surprised 1st-2nd (steals) isn't listed on that chart of all the different measurables. I always like to have a list of all my players "steal/reaction" times and then see what the pitcher/catcher times are from pitch release to 2nd base. Gives me a baseline to go from as the game progresses...
  9. Q

    Dugout player spacing for games?

    So..thoughts on spacing in the dugout. We've not seen one team spread out and place kids outside dugout and ours have been spaced out for warm ups and practices but games are tough. Parents were in stands, kids were in dugout...the coaches stayed outside of dugout on field. But now there is...
  10. Q

    Another "fun" tournament-Wildness ensued!

    True Story: Very first year of TB in 10u with my older DD. We were still playing Rec and some families and players from the league wanted to put together a TB team for the off months from our local league. First weekend of very first tournament about 90 minutes from where we live here in So...
  11. Q

    Back Pick's YES! or no?

    RAD, you would have been proud of our two catchers today (one is my DD). I usually call the back picks, but I also give them the green light if they see it and think they can get the runner. We had 2 games today (different teams) and we got 5 total. 3 in the first game and 2 in the 2nd game. 4...
  12. Q

    Dugout player spacing for games?

    Yep...we are playing our first friendlies w 3 other teams and figured we'd try to keep them spread out as best we can in or around dugout. Looking for input on how really practical that is and how people handled it. Changing balls on defense should be easy to do. And try to not have them...
  13. Q

    Dugout player spacing for games?

    We are starting up again for our team this weekend in So Cal and was wondering how you guys are handling spacing for your players during games? Mainly on offense when everyone is in usually in dugout. Thx
  14. Q

    POLL 🏁Catchers secondary position

    Yep... My lefty DD was top ranked pitcher in our league from 8u to 12u but also played C if she wasn't pitching and it was really tough to do enough work for both and what is needed as they get older. She liked catcher more and just wasn't into all the work and time needed to keep pitching from...
  15. Q

    What is this?

    All I see is really bad bat drag and poor posture and not enough TTB and scap preload, poor balance and weight transfer...oh and really bad finish through the zone....oh wait...sorry...wrong forum area/topic. 😁
  16. Q

    How much running does you team do?

    Agreed. You can get all the aerobic conditioning you need doing drills that incorporate sports specific skills. Running just to run is a waste of time in certain sports. Never understood the idiotic coaches who run their players after a game (usually a loss..but Ive seen some run their team if...
  17. Q

    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    One thing Id add is that if she loves going oit there and SHE is the one asking to go pitch a bullpen and SHE is the one who wants to keep at it. Then lwt her keep going and dont worry about 10u success or not. Even if shes maybe not as "successful" as you think or want...if she still likes it...
  18. Q

    At what point do you, or you DD decide that she's not going to make it as a pitcher?

    My youngest DD was pitcher from 8u to 12u. Top 2 pitchers in her age group...but never really liked putting in the work/bullpens each week. We'd go 1 or 2x at most during week. But it felt forced. She was successful so she jist "stayed the course". I made the mistake with my older daughter of...
  19. Q

    Alexis 11yrs

    I think with Alexis being a lefty but hitting right handed, I can imagine that her left side is overpowering her right side and dragging the bat through as the other video refers to.
  20. Q

    Alexis 11yrs

    Yep...thats 1 of the 3 major things she is not consistent on. On balls up shes pretty good at keeping the rear elbow behind the hands and driving through. But on lower half balls she tends to drag the bat through with her elbows leading the way. Her right rear elbow drops too soon.

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