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  1. Eric F

    Cheap shade for fence-mount cameras

    Amazon part numbers... B07FXT769J B076WW3SQN
  2. Eric F

    16yo Maddie

    The journey continues from this thread... https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/15yo-maddie.37426/ I don't think that the swings posted here are ideal, nor do they represent all of what I believe is included in an "elite" swing (although it's getting pretty close these days). There are still...
  3. Eric F

    The brutal consequences of drop dead time...

    We played in a small tournament this weekend with drop dead times. In one of the games (not ours), one of the teams put up a 12-run half of their inning to take a 12-1 lead in the game. However, the time expired before the inning was completed, and the score reverted to 1-0, giving them a...
  4. Eric F

    Maddie (15yo) - Tune Up Session

    Maddie had an instructional session with Janelle Lindvall (Oregon, USWNT, NPF) last night as a tune-up in preparation for upcoming TB action. It's been since October since Maddie has had the opportunity to work with Janelle. Janelle is a wonderful person, and a really good teacher. It's...
  5. Eric F

    Which is More Important - Throwing or Catching?

    Catcher 1 - Great receiving, but has an arm injury, and can't throw to any base. Catcher 2 - Spotty receiving, with multiple passed balls per game, but has a strong arm. Which one do you put behind the plate?
  6. Eric F

    Backstop Camera Mount (Budget-Friendly Version)

    Parts... Arm - www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NBQF4PT Clamp - www.amazon.com/dp/B073TVNYYZ For mounting a GoPro, any GoPro tripod mount will work. Here's an example... www.amazon.com/dp/B00N5LIYEA For mounting a cell phone, add another one of the second part, or any other cell phone tripod...
  7. Eric F

    15yo Maddie

    The journey continues from this thread... https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/14yo-maddie.34935/ I don't think that the swings posted here are ideal, nor do they represent all of what I believe is included in an "elite" swing. There are still areas for improvement in her mechanics. That...
  8. Eric F

    Wilson A2000 First Base Mitt

    Model: Wilson FP1B This mitt has impressed me. Very nice quality leather, and great structure. The Super Skin back reduces the weight significantly - this mitt is light! Out of the box, it's very stiff, and will take a significant amount of work to break in, but this tends to indicate being...
  9. Eric F

    USSSA Pride leaves NPF

  10. Eric F

    SCORE!! - Wilson ProMotion chest protectors

    My DD recently joined a Wilson-only team. She wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having to give up her custom All-Star gear, especially if it meant using the somewhat uncomfortable Wilson Pro Stock chest. However, I found a couple of the Wilson ProMotion chest protectors on eBay (new!) for a...
  11. Eric F

    Wilson Pro Stock Leg Guards

    Has anyone had experience with the Wilson Pro Stock legs? They look very similar in form to the All- Star System 7s, but I haven't seen them in person yet. I'm curious to hear what people think of them. My DD has joined a new team that requires all Wilson gear. I've found a couple of...
  12. Eric F

    The "Hissy-Quit"

    Most often, parents wait until the end of the season, and either let the coaches know they will be looking for another team for their DD, or just disappear without a word. The classy ones will will thank the coaches for the opportunity for their DD to play with the team. Then, there is the...
  13. Eric F

    New Camera Rig - Mevo Plus

    I have been recording and live streaming my DD's games for about a year. My rig has included a GoPro 5 and an iPhone 6S. The iPhone (no cell service) was connected via WiFi hotspot, streaming to FB live. It worked moderately well, as long as I had a strong signal. However, though a WiFi...
  14. Eric F

    Infield fly

    Ump did not call "infield fly" on this play. When questioned about the decision by defensive HC, ump refused to acknowledge it as a routine play. The resulting discussion between the ump and HC lead to the HC being relocated to the parking lot.
  15. Eric F


    At a PGF game this past weekend, we had a batter hit on the hand. She made a check-swing, but did not compete the swing. The umpire verified that the ball was not in the strike zone, or in the batter's box. He called it a "ball", and the batter was not awarded 1B. Ump stated that the ball...
  16. Eric F

    A DFP'er's DD comes up big!

    Emma Hylen throws a complete game shutout vs. Texas (Big 12 Championship)
  17. Eric F

    My DD don't want to be semi-pro

    If you don't want to be semi-pro, don't swing like semi-pro.
  18. Eric F

    Barrel-Forearm Alignment

    I read something yesterday that was describing the alignment of the barrel and the lead forearm at contact. This isn't a detail I have heard discussed before. As I looked through a bunch of pro swings, this appears pretty typical (or close to it). Thoughts?
  19. Eric F

    HS Rules - HBP

    Watching my DD's recent HS game, one of her teammates was hit on the hand, and the ump ruled that it was not HBP because the "hands are part of the bat". I know that this is not correct for other rule sets, but wasn't sure if it was different for HS.
  20. Eric F

    Maddie - The HS journey begins...

    A little background...Maddie's HS has had terrible softball for a long time. Last year's season ended with 10 more losses than wins, and most losses were by 10 or more runs. The only wins were ugly on both sides (14-12, for example). At the end of the season, the head coach resigned. We have...