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  1. 2br02b

    Interference call after safe call?

    Throwdown from catcher to SS at 2B. Runner beats tag and is called safe, but when she puts her hands down to push herself up, umpire calls her out. His explanation was that she made contact with the glove with the intent knocking the ball out. Thoughts?
  2. 2br02b

    Chasing for a tag

    Runner between 3rd and home suddenly finds herself facing the pitcher holding the ball. Runner about 20 feet from the bag, pitcher about 30. Runner turns and runs towards 3rd, pitcher tags runner's back as she dives for the bag, and both go down in a heap. The ball is loose on the ground...
  3. 2br02b

    Errors Vs Effort

    So - two plays from the past weekend have been making me think about scoring errors and they both involve the "ordinary effort" clause. One was a defensive play for our team and the other was a defensive play for another team. 1st play: Waist high line-drive directly at 2b. She recognizes...
  4. 2br02b

    Initials etc on bat - legal modification?

    I was planning on using oil based paint markers to put DD's initials and or a message on her PC - since there will be 3 of them in the dugout next week. Is it illegal to put any paint on the barrel itself? I wanted to put a message on there... rather than on the handle.
  5. 2br02b


    I am confused about the obliques. Does a batter have to actively engage the obliques or are the obliques used "natively" to move the hips? I feel like I am trying to move my ears when I try to consciously engage the obliques.
  6. 2br02b

    Boardmember's Terminal Velocity video - response to TTB

    This was brought up in another thread, but not really discussed much. I hadn't seen in before last night, but it has further made me realize that truth is still out there if someone is willing to work hard to find it. Is anybody else advocating this trailing arm "pivot point" in the way he...
  7. 2br02b

    Another dumb situation - what is the rule?

    Runner on third - no other runners on base. Batter hits a pop up - almost perfectly straight up. Ball goes so high that batter is on 2nd before it was catchable. I have never seen a pop up that high and so perpendicular to the ground... Catcher, 1B and pitcher are all standing about 4 feet in...
  8. 2br02b

    When can the Umpire call time?

    Provincial championships, first game of the day, Sunday morning elimination bracket. We had a plate ump that was short tempered and rushing things right from the get go. First he tried to start the game 20 minutes early. Other coach laughed and said - "Can I warm up my pitchers?" He then...