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    Praise for a recent clinic

    DD recently attended this clinic and it was great. The hitting and fielding portions were good, but of particular surprise was the Hannah Rogers pitching station. Hannah was 100% HELL NO elbow and spent a ton of time explaining the whip action and why it was preferable to HE. Her drills all...
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    DD pitched her first travel ball game tonight

    She was picked up for a 12U travel team following her 10U rec season back in June. Tonight was the first night she was in the circle for a game. She pitched two innings, faced 7 batters and ended with 5 strikeouts and 1 walk. She walked the lead off, fanned the next 5, then got a weak...
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    10U DD pitching videos, looking for comments/opinions

    She started 8 weeks ago, this was the first time she tried to put all the pieces together into a complete pitch. She's been taught entirely from this board as we live in a very rural area and there aren't any real PC around. Looking for comments/opinions on where she's at and what we need to...