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    Probably headed for some heat for this one but parents relax! Was at a showcase this weekend and while walking by a game during our break I witnessed 2 parents (husband and wife I assume) arguing that he didn't press record and they missed video for their DDs game. I look at the back stop and...
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    I've often wondered if College Coaches care about team jumpers....

    Saw this posted on Twitter. I understand the need at times to leave...but now it's confirmed that college coaches see it too. If I was a college coach I would imagine a kid staying with a program for several years (while getting better) is more attractive than a team hopper, especially since...
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    Electric Wagon Build

    Built an electric wagon (mostly for the beach) but would be good for sports too! Check it out!
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    Pitchers and bunion surgery

    DD is now entering her senior year at HS. She has pretty bad bunions on both feet but her drag foot is significantly worse, I assume due to the constant pressure on her inner foot during the drag. We have discussed 2 scenarios, one being having the surgery this fall after her season and rehab...
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    The days drag but the years fly

    Today we bid farewell to a super talented group of seniors. I can still remember seeing these kids play at 12u, seems like it was yesterday. I know that this game brings out many emotions but keep in mind that time really flies by so enjoy each and every moment!
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    Then this guy shows up....

    He's awesome! DeAngelo was so nice to our girls all weekend. Chaos goes down to a great Tampa Mustangs team in the championship game of TCS southeast world series in Atlanta. We beat the Mustangs yesterday 1-0 but today they got the win! Our girls fought hard and ended up 6-1-1 with some huge...
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    As we get ready for tryouts are you staying, going or testing the waters?

    What's your play for tryouts?
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    As we get ready for tryouts how much do you pay for team fees?

    Votes are private;)
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    Doesn't feel like the 4th of July without Colorado softball. Agree? :(
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    Dead period extended again 8/31/20

    Feel really bad for the uncommitted 21's and 22's
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    Power of the Change up

    DD put in a ton of time this winter working on a few different ways to perfect her change up. It was her best pitch last fall and she used it with her rise to keep batters off balance. Here is a clip of her first inning pitched this summer. She threw a change up 6 times in a row to the first...
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    Pitch calling... Wow

    I've been watching some of the Proswings Power 50 streams and a few other streams today of some top 50 18u gold teams in the nation. Teams with P5 pitchers commited to big time schools. I may be a bit naive but why are these kids throwing the same pitch over and over if it doesn't work? I...
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    High School team of the decade virtual pool

    Hi, If you have a quick second please vote for 2019 and 2018 North Penn Softball! The 2019 team finished 23-3 losing 3 games by a combined 4 runs. Thank you! Twitter only
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    Ohio Softball to start on 5/26!

    Finally some reasonable people. This week marks the 3rd week since Georgia has reopened and there have been no surges at hospitals or spikes in cases. Truth is very few understand this virus. I'm glad Ohio has chosen to allow the girls to play.
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    Swing Feedback

    Hi, 16 year old most pitcher only but want to work on her swing for travel since HS is canceled and we are home together for a while. For years we fought dropping her hands. She had/has a tendency to pull up on back half of swing. We were working on keeping her barrel in the zone longer...
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    Recruiting dead period extended

    Sad for uncommitted seniors and juniors. https://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/01/ncaa-extends-recruiting-dead-period-through-may-31/
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    Giving seniors an additional year not gonna be easy

    Not set in stone as it's been reported https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/dan-wolken/2020/03/29/ncaa-division-spring-eligibility-vote-monday-muddled-variables/2936155001/
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    School closings for the rest of the year

    Kansas is already done for the year now maybe California too? Horrible...