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  1. 2br02b

    Dealing with gay/bi players

    There was a local team where a girl was booted for sending a DM to a team-mate saying "Go kill yourself", because she thought they both liked the same boy... None of this is easy.
  2. 2br02b

    Bats and exit velocities...

    This is how you do it:
  3. 2br02b

    The brutal consequences of drop dead time...

    Just thought of another one. We took the field in the rain and they got 8(!) runs. Pitcher couldn't control the ball. It stopped raining before we got the final out of the inning, and didn't start up again. When time ran out we had runners on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out, were winning 11-8. Time...
  4. 2br02b

    The brutal consequences of drop dead time...

    It is a coaching error, but it shouldn't have to be like that.. Drop dead is brutal for everyone involved - I've been on both sides of that. One game we gave up a few runs near the end of time, HC told the pitcher to throw "batting practice" to run out the time. He should have told the...
  5. 2br02b

    Practice or Play?

    10 is not enough. The option to practice could turn into playing time if your DD shows well, especially with a 10 player roster.
  6. 2br02b

    Athletes United Easton Bats

    I can't answer what the one piece bat is, but Easton does not have a problem with custom paint. Here is a link to the Team Canada Ghost: (I am not selling it - this is just to show they exist) I guess what I am getting at, is these bats will probably end up for sale in the future... Same...
  7. 2br02b

    Fastpitch Showdowns?

    Nothing but good experiences with their tournaments.
  8. 2br02b


    Any drills to help a batter "feel" the obliques working?
  9. 2br02b

    Help with understanding a call/no call

    Sounds like a fun "play" to try!
  10. 2br02b

    Pure barrels or cut!

    I've never heard of him till now, so I don't know if he is a clown, but I disagree with every other sentence you wrote... It is a drill. She is starting at a leveraged position early on purpose. What is wrong with the cage? You don't like that he has a baseball pitching screen?
  11. 2br02b

    Decision time with 20+ player roster for mixed 1st 2nd year 14U team

    Sounds like a nightmare. There are probably 19 sets of parents wondering the same as you.
  12. 2br02b

    Pure barrels or cut!

    Still trying to figure that out. (y) I suspect "yes". But I am not convinced 100%.
  13. 2br02b

    Pure barrels or cut!

    While I wouldn't argue against emulating SR, I think it really comes down to the way SR's body is put together that allows her to do what she does the way she does. I'm referring to bone length, tendon length and attachment points and the leverage provided.
  14. 2br02b

    Pure barrels or cut!

    Freudian slip? :ROFLMAO:
  15. 2br02b

    Intentional walk rule

    Lol - the one time that summer (2018) we opted for an intentional walk, the walked runner got hit by the very next batter's batted ball and was out. Game over. Passive aggressive defense.
  16. 2br02b

    "Let it get deep.. (spawned from the Haley Thread in Practical Hitting)

    I've said it to two players over the years. One would stab at slower pitches and almost fall on her face. It was a cue for her to be patient and wait for the ball to get there. The other was my own DD. She had developed a bad habit of hitting everything way out front to the point where she...
  17. 2br02b

    Flex Player

    The point was you have more freedom with players with the "opposite" skillset with the "twin" system because of the fact you have to sub in the flex to run for the DP and with the twin you don't. In other words - sometimes the flex should only play defence and sometimes the DP should only hit...
  18. 2br02b

    barrel/hand pivot point, a.k.a TTB

    So your one original thought in the last few years has been to take a swipe at someone's kid? Good job!
  19. 2br02b

    Flex Player

    @jay - Sounds like you were confusing the usage of the DP/Flex with the NSA "twin". DP/Flex is usually a player combo of strong defence / weak hitting (flex) and weak or redundant defence / strong hitting. They don't play for each other.. In the "Twin" situation each of the two players in that...
  20. 2br02b

    barrel/hand pivot point, a.k.a TTB

    Ok - I already knew that. I was thinking I was supposed to see supination.