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    The Journey Begins

    During the walk-through, her forward momentum is preventing her from twisting to open. In the circle, with no forward momentum, her habit of twisting to open takes over. The solution remains the same as earlier and should be a strict point of emphasis during practice: It will take some time...
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    A year into the journey

    Fix this part of the sequence, and she'll be golden.
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    With regards to Schonberg, it was much more than semantics. The way he described and demonstrated internal rotation (forearm fire was what he called it) was not only completely inaccurate, I would say it was dangerous.
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    Screwball Video

    No. The recent discussion is based on this challenge: Which has nothing to do with whether any pitch called a "screwball" can be effective or not, but deals with a very specific scenario.
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    Screwball Video

    There is no break. That is pure drive left/throw right.
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    Nothing really magic about the number. Higher velocity gives the brain fewer frames to process, which makes the illusion more powerful. You can throw a riseball at any speed, but without enough velocity the brain can gather enough frames to overcome the illusion. Its the same reason a...
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    Drills to correct arm circle timing?

    Quad dominant vs. glute dominant has no bearing on the timing, in my opinion. Just the force of the drive. Bad timing when the arm is ahead of the legs (which is a common issue) simply means the pitcher is arm dominant rather than drive dominant. The reason you want the correct timing is...
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    The Journey Begins

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    The Journey Begins

    The posture issue is starting further downstream than the landing. She is twisting to open rather than letting it happen naturally. Imagine she has headlights on her shoulders and front of her thighs. She should try to keep all four headlights pointed straight at the catcher as she drives...
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    Glove Arm mechanics

    No. Yes. No. Yes. Proper teaching of adduction will solve glove arm problems. Again, glove swim is a symptom, not a disease.
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    Strength exercises for beginning 9yo pitcher

    Planks. Never to young to start them.
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    Glove Arm mechanics

    Considerably less.
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    Glove Arm mechanics

    Glove swim is usually more of a symptom than an actual problem.
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    Lily 10U - Advice/help with crowhop

    I'm not Ken, but my suggestion would be don't worry about it, don't mention it, don't address it at all. You'll do more harm than good. If you are concerned about it, have her focus to turning her drag foot laces toward the catcher and dragging the foot in over the top of her toes, not on the...
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    Long Toss

    Doug Gillis doing a couple of long tosses is pretty impressive as well. Its after he does BP pitching for a bit:
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    50mph or Bust

    Sluggers solved the "problem", not me, so I'll let him contact the US Dept of Education. Your concern about an ultimatum was addressed on Post 10. Best of luck to you.
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    50mph or Bust

    This is the end of the thread right here. You don't need any more advice or resources. No matter what you do -- drills you try, strength workouts you get her to do, hours of long toss -- her speed will remain low and increase very slowly until her front side resistance problem is corrected...
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    Advice for 9 year old I'm working with...

    She looks GREAT for a 9-year old. In fact, the only advice I'd have is to tame that wind up down a little bit at the top. She goes way back with her hands. Might not bother her now, but over time that is a lot of continuous (and unnecessary) strain on her shoulders.
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    Screwball examples?

    The "screwball" my DD's Tincher instructor taught her was nothing more than a step left/throw right thing.
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    Screwball examples?

    Those are beautiful views and you can easily see the spin of the ball. 1. Riseball = bullet spin 2. Screwball = bullet spin So yeah, they are pretty much the same pitch thrown to different locations. :D