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  1. Double J

    WTS (***SOLD***) 2020 Easton Ghost 32/21 (-11) warranty bat

    32/21 warranty replacement bat. $160.00 plus shipping.
  2. Double J

    DeMarini CF Zen 32/21 -11 for sale(***SOLD***)

    DeMarini ZEN 32/21 $150 plus shipping. Bat has less than 50 swings on it. Bought as a backup bat and has never been used in games or practices. Need it gone.
  3. Double J

    Queen of The Hill for sale ****(SOLD)****

    Queen of the hill for sale with hitting and pitching attachments. $200.00 or best offer, plus shipping. Like new condition. Used very little.
  4. Double J

    Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12” RHT (SOLD)

    A2000 12” Super Skin RHT for sale. Glove isn’t fully broken in. Asking $150 plus shipping. Will consider realistic offers.
  5. Double J

    Mizuno POWER CARBON 31/21 FOR SALE

    Mizuno F19 Power Carbon -10 31/21 For sale. I bought this for my daughter to try out recently (Thanks, Core) It's Just not her thing. Bat has roughly 200 hits on it. $225 Firm. PM if interested. I accept pay pal. Thanks

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