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    Coach trying to learn to pitch seeking advice

    I have set a goal of being able to effectively pitch batting practice by the start of Feb 2018 HS season. I am well past retirement age. (I get immediate feedback if I try to muscle the ball.) I am a hitting instructor with 15+ years experience. I've also been pitching most HS seasons from...
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    More severe penalties

    Just curious what opinions are for more severe penalties for rule violations in softball and/or baseball. Altered bats for example. Or extra bases awarded for HBP—not just one base, but two bases. Especially in professional ball.
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    Big League World Series

    Just watched an excellent competition become tarnished by what appears to be a spite call by the home plate umpire. Instant replay would have been nice here!
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    Wonder if We Could Develop a Hitting Cues Thesaurus or Similar

    Wonder how successful we could be at developing a guide to the various phrases, terminology used in the Hitting Technical forum? Such as: Coil FbC: Forward by Coil Maintain coil Hips resisting etc. And the many other cues, terms, etc., used in the discussions. I believe it would be great...
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    How do various States conduct their State Championships?

    North Carolina's foul treatment of girl's softball | Other Views | NewsObserver.com Please send any positive suggestions to: Physical Address: 222 Finley Golf Course Road Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Mailing Address: PO Box 3216 Chapel Hill, NC 27515 Phone: (919) 240-7401 Fax: (919) 240-7399
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    Thinking Outside the Box

    What are some things that you have done (or do) in practice (or games) that are far fetched or unusual?
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    Something fishy about this Grand Slam

    Girl, 5, has an unofficial fishing grand slam | Outdoors | NewsObserver.com
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    What benefits are allowed by NCAA?

    Are there any regulations concerning players being granted "scholarships", equipment, uniforms, expenses, etc., when playing TB? Or any ball for that matter? No agenda here, just have been curious from time to time when I hear about some players struggling to pay fees while others don't pay...
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    Beneficial to fastpitch or not

    I've been asked to help teach hitting to twenty-some 12U kids. Problem is, it's slow pitch. My concern is whether it would help them with fast pitch in the future. IOW, is it better than nothing? And, yes, I did ask if they would consider fastpitch instead. The answer is, in two or three...
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    Self-Teaching Drills

    What drills could be considered self-teaching drills? IOW, what drills could players perform that they would benefit from even if there were differing opinions as to whether they were beneficial? Sometimes, drills/practices are met with the "just smile and do it your way" advice from...
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    How Far Should Balls Hit Off of a Tee Go?

    From various points of contact how far on average would be considered a hard hit? My main interest is hitting from a POC deep in the hitting zone. Approximately centerline of body. But also working outside and inside POC. Mainly interested in HS age players.
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    Any Rule about what position MUST be covered?

    A game can be played with only 8 players. Is there any rule that says what position must be covered? The pitching position obviously has to be covered. Does catching? Not asking about commonsense, asking about rules.
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    NFHSLearning.com opinions

    Has anyone taken the "Fundamentals of Coaching" course by the NFHS? What are your opinions? I already know that it's much better than that shallow ACE certification. NC has just mandated taking the course for all new-hire coaches and assistants. From what they said NC was only one of five...
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    Helmet being worn by pitcher—men's slow pitch

    There's a slow pitch game on ESPN2 at this moment. One of the team's pitchers is wearing a helmet with a mask. He's dancing like a cat on a hot tin roof after each pitch. Wonder what the girls would think of that?
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    Player wants to play soccer and softball at same time

    A decision has already been made but what would you do when a player wants to play both sports at the same time in HS varsity? She wants to play soccer because her Senior sister is playing soccer. She would not be able to attend all softball practices but would be able to attend most games...
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    Training apps

    What are some of the training apps for iPhone, Android, etc.? Like this: fitnessMeter - testing tools for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G on the iTunes App Store
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    Top 5 Essential Work Stations for Team Hitting Practice

    What 5 (or more maybe) hitting stations do you consider essential for team practices. Stations not considered team-essential would be on an individual as-needed basis. We have a long cage that can be used for machine-pitch and front toss plus areas for tee, TCB balls, in addition to the field...
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    Stride Foot Hover

    Has anyone heard of the concept of the stride foot hovering before toe touch/heel plant? IOW, the stride is more of a controlled glide than a step.
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    How Do Various States Select All-District and All-State HS Players?

    Does anyone know of any formula or method that any HS associations use to determine All-State selections? What stats do they use, if any?
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    Tee Placement

    We had some discussion recently on tee placement for practicing inside, middle, and outside pitches. The discussion has made me curious for other opinions on the subject in my quest to learn more. Where do you place the tee for various positions? Why? Specifically, I'm talking about long tee...

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