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  1. starsnuffer

    Anyone in Vegas this weekend?

    16u PGF qualifier looks to be pretty decent. My 15 year old will be there. Anyone else going? https://www.eteamz.com/lvevents/files/16U.pdf -W
  2. starsnuffer

    How to hit

    A gif for your players who complain about the strike zone. All six of these were home runs. -W
  3. starsnuffer

    Fastpitch exposure on Yahoo

    Saw this article on the Yahoo frontpage this morning. I'm not going to get into detail about how pitching a perfect game against a team that shows up in t-shirts is a momentous feat, as there are at least a dozen members here who's daughters always pitch perfect games. The point is that at...
  4. starsnuffer

    Any experience with the GoPro Hero cameras?

    Has anyone used a GoPro Hero3 camera for the purposes of slow motion filming in order to analyze athletic motion? I've seen some good videos out in the wild from the camera but I'm looking for more first hand experience. Thanks! -W
  5. starsnuffer

    When are "fastballs" used, and for what purpose

    This thread is being spun off of another fastball related thread. The purpose is to determine if and when fastballs are actually being used in fastpitch softball, and what the benefits may be. Here is a snippet of the conversation to start:
  6. starsnuffer

    Missed this: Monica Abbott sets new speed record (77mph)

    From her blog: June 16, 2012 - Monica sets new speed Record! It was just a normal NPF game Saturday night June 16, 2012 the day before Fathers Day in North Carolina. The Chicago Bandits were playing the Carolina Diamonds at their home field in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It was the third game...
  7. starsnuffer

    Pitching instruciton affirmation

    I just got back from the 3 day ASA National coaching school in Livermore, CA. The Team USA softball coaching staff gave 2 days of instruction on hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching. Coach Mike Candrea taught the hitting and infielding sections, and it was really cool to be 15 feet away...
  8. starsnuffer

    Scoring Question: Is a walk with bases loaded an RBI?

    I think that in baseball if the bases are loaded and a walk scores a run, it's counted as an RBI. This always seemed weird to me as it's not a run "batted" in, but I digress. Is it scored as an RBI in the book? Thanks! -W
  9. starsnuffer

    Making the transition from T to Gamespeed

    I'm curious if you guys and gals can help me out with this. My daughter has been seeing a hitting coach over the fall and winter and her swing has improved immensely. Her bat speed has nearly tripled and she hits the ball hard. She's able to make adjustments for direction, and while there is...
  10. starsnuffer

    Yellow logo on pitchers glove

    At an ASA tournament this weekend, I had a kid pitching with a black Wilson A2000 glove. The umpire told her that the glove was illegal because the W was yellow. I realize that having optic yellow on the glove is in the rulebook, but I've never heard it interpreted this way. I know that I...
  11. starsnuffer

    Perspective (Alexis Briski Memorial)

    Our organization has 4 of 44 teams playing in this tournament this coming weekend. This is a very special tournament the last few years for more reasons then the Stanford and UC teams showing up to talk and sign autographs. Below is this year's welcome letter from the Briski family. We make...

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