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    Single hinge catchers mitt

    Is the CMW3001 the only option? Looking due to the added thumb protection (vs. double-hinge). It hasn't been an issue yet - but from personal experience, I'd like to keep it that way as she continues to play.
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    Swing examples needed (leg kick)

    Overheard a discussion at practice yesterday b/w an instructor and player about the need to eliminate a leg kick from her swing to allow her to get more power. I'm paraphrasing a bit - it included the reasoning of "unlike baseball, girls power their swings with their legs". Can anyone provide...
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    Fixing an ATEC tee

    Any ideas how to repair the top of this? I don’t see any threads in the top, it looks like it was a plug of some sort. I found it at the field, so no idea what the top originally looked like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Albany-area travel ball?

    A player from our organization is moving to the Albany area, and I think will be attending Niskayuna HS. She’s 14U, maybe 16U? Does anyone have any knowledge of the TB programs in that area? Just looking at google maps, I don’t even see a softball field on the HS campus, which doesn’t bode well...
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    Look Back Rule - USSSA vs USA Rulesets

    USSSA Rule 8.2: USA Rule, as originally quoted by TMIB in this thread, is nearly verbatim with USSSA. However, USA has the criteria as 3 separate items (1-3), and USSSA includes all three in a single sentence. Additionally, and it's hard to tell the way it's formatted in the other thread...
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    Mask on/off for pop-ups (ver. 25,553)

    I went back through the recent threads, and it looks like it's been over a year since it was really discussed (which is a good sign, IMO). Looking for feedback / opinions on removing it for pop-ups (not plays at the plate) at the 10U/12U level. I teach leave it on, but during recent practices...
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    Blocking 11" vs 12" balls

    Starting to mix in a 12" ball for my 10U pitcher. I'm noticing the 12" doesn't really hop up on the short pitches as much as an 11". When we move up to 12U, do the 12" balls tend to stay down more than an 11"on those 38' pitches? I know spin will greatly effect things, but is a lower hop /...
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    Glove recommendations for 10U - $150 budget

    Good Morning DFP, Looking for recommendations for a 10U player (rising 5th grader) with a $150 budget. Don't know her hand size, but she's definitely strong, if not big, for her age. I think the glove she's using now is a hand-me-down, but it opens nice and wide, and may be fine with a...
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    Throws to the plate

    What’s the best way to field the one or two hoppers at the plate? “Go get” the short hop, which means a slower tag, but possibly a higher chance of actually catching the ball; or wait for it (IF the throw is online) and catch it as close to the plate as possible? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Walmart Special has arrived (Mizuno Pro Select)

    My oldest daughter has started playing again (will try to post /brag about that in another thread!). It was time to replace her 12” Rawlings glove, which has held up well (paid ~$50 for it 4 years ago), but being a lefty, she’s destined for the OF, and asked for a bigger glove. Because a few...
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    Pete Alonso talks tee work and low handset

    Paraphrasing: “Todd Zeile: Where do you get your hitting advice from?” “Polar Bear: I just ask Tony Two-Bags every time he passes by at the office”. As a Mets fan, its cool to hear how Pete reaches out to other players to improve his swing. However, as a Mets fan, I wish he didn’t have so many...
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    New Kai Correa video with SF Giants

    Great stuff as always - I really liked the use of the cones to differentiate b/w which kind of flip or pivot to use. You Tube Kai Correa video
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    Button-down jersey issues?

    10U. Looking at new jerseys. A few parents are concerned with a full button-down jersey option. Some of the girls have button-down/dress shirts and say the buttons get stuck on their belts if they have to tuck them in. Others are concerned about the button's "gapping", from a modesty...
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    Another A2000 break in thread

    Couldn’t pass on a deal for a A2000 for my 10U daughter (https://www.baseballmonkey.com/clearance/gloves/homerun-clearance-fastpitch-gloves/wilson-fastpitch-softball-glove-2019-a2000-ma14-gm-1225.html) I know it’s a lot of glove to break in for a 10U player, but the ol’Jenny Finch Mizuno, while...
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    2020 USSSA Updates (Online revisions)

    Copied from the email I received from USSSA: At its 52nd annual convention in Fort Myers, Florida, USSSA introduced several fastpitch rule changes for the 2020 season. They are effective January 1, 2020 and will be revised in the online rule book. Contact your State Director with any questions...
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    Going for the out vs throwing it around

    10U-C - At what point do you consider going for the out instead of just constantly “getting it back to the pitcher”? I don’t want to give up free bases by ignoring a runner who’s already 1/2 way to the next base, but there’s the risk of the errant throw. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Time limits for 10U Double-Elimination 1-day tourn?

    What's the standard time limit for 10U? (C level - still plenty of walks). Is it feasible to do 1:15 NNI, and just finish the inning? Would like to avoid using a drop dead time. Should we expect those games to average out to more than 1:30 per game? This will be for a 1-day, double eilmination...
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    Ringor’s vs New Balance

    10U daughter has gotten an ingrown toenail twice in the last year. Dr said shoes may be too narrow (under armours). I was all set to order a pair of NB based on the positive feedback here regarding comfort, but she’s also an aspiring pitcher, and just saw that our league is eligible for...
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    Two clap drill?

    We're having an instructor come to practice this weekend, and she'll be doing a "two clap" drill as one of the hitting stations. I haven't been able to find anything after searching the forums, you tube, and google. Is anyone familiar with this drill? (The one relevant search result on DFP...
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    Scoring Guidelines - 10U USSSA / Gamechanger

    I have a parent with a season or so experience using GameChanger. Any good scoring-overviews out there that any of you have found useful - such as cheat sheets, or good explanations of things like fielders choice plays? Not looking to do analytic deep-dives, but want to be sure to at least be...