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  1. J

    Dante Bichette

    I'm not a big fan of TTB.. but it's amazing what Dante has done with some of the Blue Jays hitters this season. More hitters are buying in as the season goes on as well. Many many hits to Oppo and UTM. Listen to what he has to say here (2:19) I'm also not saying TTB is the reason for their...
  2. J

    Jays No Striding

    Bichette's 2 strike approach is well documented (on the right)..... ....but I've been noticing many of the Jays adapting this approach this year as well.. All resulting in 2 strike HR's below I've seen Vladdy do this quite often as well but can't find any video. Anybody else noticing...
  3. J

    Pre-Pitch Movements

    I've seen this referenced several times and I don't think I understand the concept. First of all when posting in this thread I think we need to define what pre-pitch is. To me pre-pitch is prior to any motion by pitcher, the pitcher is standing on the mound reading the signs and batter is in...
  4. J

    DD Quits

    Might seem strange to some of you that I would post this here... however maybe some other parents are experiencing or will experience what I’ve been through this year. DD made one the best teams here in the region this year, likely to challenge for a national title. She told me right before the...
  5. J

    TTB and Lag

    Can somebody explain how TTB(TM's version with immediate supination) creates lag.. vs keeping the wrist cocked while staying connected. TTB is all about creating early bat speed, not sure how you can create early batspeed and create lag at the same time.. in order to create you early batspeed...
  6. J

    "Let it get deep.. (spawned from the Haley Thread in Practical Hitting)

    Created this thread so we do not clutter Coach-Q's thread which is a practical hitting thread where he is sharing his experiences with one of his hitters Let it get deep discussion started on this page I believe. https://www.discussfastpitch.com/threads/haley.37902/page-23
  7. J

    Canadian Nationals Cancelled

    https://softballontario.ca/softball-canada-cancels-2020-canadian-championships/ That sucks
  8. J

    Down to...

    Softball, baseball, power hitters, all around hitters etc. It's been debated many times, and I have flip flopped on this so much. I'm just searching for the truth, whatever helps my DD. I don't think I can ignore all these great hitters and what their intentions are...
  9. J

    Hitting off a Machine Hurts DD's Hand

    You know the feeling you get when jammed inside, feels like you hand is bruised. This happens to my DD when hitting off a machine. Makes no difference if she squares it up or not.. hitting off a machine hurts her hand. She's not one to complain and would play on one leg, so I am wondering what...
  10. J

    Canadian Team Venturing Further South...

    Normally we go to Michigan, Ohio or New York.. this year we are heading further south than ever, which I am sure is still quite north for many of you, :) May 23-25: Memorial Day Madness - Wilmington DE, USA July 2 -5: Midwest Firecracker Showcase - Indianapolis IN, USA Indianapolis seems like...
  11. J


    So DD has figured somethings out and we are seeing big improvements with her swing and great contact. She played in 6 games over the weekend and only 3 AB's resulted in a weak ground ball or popup. Her contact rate is through the roof and she's hitting the ball hard.... mostly line shots and...
  12. J

    Can you feel the stretch/tension?

    So if I go through the process of a swing step by step and freeze at each interval... when I get to heel plant I can feel tension/stretch throughout my core. My DD does the same thing and she cannot.. This puzzles me. I can manipulate her form however I want and she feels nothing..lol. I ask her...
  13. J

    Battle of the Bats - Findlay, Ohio - Oct. 5

    Just registered as a u16 team, any reviews or experience with this tournament would be appreciated
  14. J

    I rarely hit bombs, and when I do only when pulling

    This thread isn't about me, but about a hitter I know. I believe this is happening because the hitter is rolling over and the swing is around the ball, instead of inside and through the ball. This hitter has hit line drives to center or opposite field, but never ever hit a bomb. Quite often the...
  15. J

    Fall Tournaments, Northern States

    Hi All, Any good fall tournaments in the Michigan, Buffalo, Ohio area in October? 14U,16U
  16. J

    Softball Injury

    Not sure if there is a specific place to post injuries? My DD suffered a hand injury while swinging the bat. It was a high and outside pitch that she chased and took a good cut at. The injury happened in the swing somewhere between contact and rolling over. She continues to play, but feels pain...
  17. J

    Demarini CF8 Drop 11

    Has there been another fastpitch bat in Demarini's lineup that comes close to the performance of this bat? Most hitters who are prefer Demarini still claim this is the hottest bat ever released by this company. I was watching a college game here in Canada not too long ago and there was a hitter...
  18. J

    Are Home Runs Miss Hits?

    I know, weird question considering the result is a HR. But even with increased launch angles, most HR's I see are a result of the hitter hitting the bottom half of the ball which results in more loft then the actual upward plane of the swing. If you look at Donaldson's(one of the most vocal...
  19. J

    Maintaining Coil

    DD had some issues maintaining coil during positive move. She would release prematurely. I was watching an instructor on Instagram and he was instructing his students to "screw the back foot/leg into the ground" during the positive move. I asked my DD to do the same thing and it resulted in many...