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    Bat Help!

    No, just a new paint job
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    Bat Help!

    For a girl your daughter's size, I would stay with the drop 11. You will definitely see a dramatic difference between the CF and the Bustos. As for the different models, save yourself some money and see if you can find a 2020. As far as I know, there are no drastic technology changes this...
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    10U daughter's swing

    I am by no means a hitting guy but the thing that jumps out at me is it looks like she is poking the bat out there and swatting at it. It may just be a function of the slow pitching but I would work on getting her hips involved and "hit" the ball. She can obviously see the ball well, now I...
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    Seeding based on points in the FALL!?!

    Not upset at all. We got lots of reps and definitely found some things to work on, in addition to conditioning. I just thought it was silly to base the bracket on points when there were no points.
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    Seeding based on points in the FALL!?!

    So, we played in a 14u tournament over this weekend where the bracket seeding was based off of USSSA points. Easy enough right? Well, more than half of the teams had no points!! This is the FALL. This was our first tournament. It seems to me that it would make more sense to simply do a...
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    after game thoughts, ideas, etc

    Even though our younger divisions weren't hitting HR's, the org had some bomb squad shirts and if one of the girls in the younger divisions went 5 for 8 in tourney with some extra base hits, they got a bomb squad shirt. Also, $5 gift cards to a local fro yo joint also work as a great motivator...
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    is there a need . . .

    What if you had something like this that they use for trash roll offs? It's got a hand crank on one side and can roll open and closed really easily. Rolls up and store the handle somewhere out of the way.
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    Cheap shade for fence-mount cameras

    Until a hard hit foul tip ruins your day by spilling your snack.....lol
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    Cheap shade for fence-mount cameras

    Similar idea but I made this one out of some tin and some cheap wall hooks I got from Dollar Tree. Spray painted it white to help with the heat and it works pretty good.
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    Batting tee

    I believe what you are talking about is the backspin batting tee. https://www.backspintee.com/
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    POLL 🏁Catchers secondary position

    DD's arm keeps her at 3rd but if she is not catching she LOVES playing 1st.
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    A little background. The attached videos are a game that we played against the TN MOJO. Their pitcher is the 2025 class 6th ranked pitcher in the country, according to Extra Innings. At 13, she throws a legit 62 mph. This was confirmed at LSU's pitching camp by the head coach Beth Torina who...
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    Noob from Ohio

    Welcome.....lots of good topics around here.
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    Decision time with 20+ player roster for mixed 1st 2nd year 14U team

    Instead of an 06 and an 07 team, I would say do an A and a B team. Whatever your teams colors are, it could be like that. Hittin' Kittens- White and a Hittin' Kittens- Purple. Split them up by talent instead of birth years. Then the A team can go and be competitive in either A or B class...
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    New to site

    Welcome....it will be interesting to see your takes on the differences between baseball and softball recruiting.
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    I'll respectfully disagree. The -11 CF8 is arguably the hottest bat made recently. It still commands a very high premium. There is one brand new in the wrapper selling for $740 on ebay right now.
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    2021 bats?

    Check out The Bat Guru on YouTube. He has most of the release dates for the 2021 stuff on there.
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    So being in the Baton Rouge area where Marucci is from, it appears that the Echo is doing pretty decent. There are several regional Marucci teams that have to use Marucci products only. The higher end teams can rake the ball with it. Lots of pop and a good sweet spot. I know a 12u girl that...