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    A thread for the umps...what would you do’s, oddball plays, war stories

    She's either honest, or quickly realized there was a chance her strike zone would get a little bigger for the rest of the game. :)
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    Base position

    For those of you who may be asked to line a field in the future, remember that if using a string as a guide, the string should line up an the outside edge of the foul line - not the center. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    I hope she's pitching on an A or B level team - we're first year 12's as well, and none of our 4 main pitchers are over 40 (we just tested them last week). The ones that hit 40 consistently, no one accuses of being "slow". One is a 2010, the rest 2009. From what I've seen in the few 12U...
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    Best pitching velocity drills?

    Just turned 11 makes her a fairly young 12U, as she'd still be eligible for 10U (since it sounds like she was still 10 as of 12/31/19). What speed is she throwing now that makes her coach expect/hope her to be around 50 in 6 months?
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    Fastpitch hitting - men vs. women

    Ball compression always confuses me - some numbers are like 275 or 240, others are .42 or .-something. Does it make a difference b/w SP and FP? How different are the bats? Never sure how to explain why being hit with a 12" ball in the shins hurts a hell of a lot more than a with a baseball...
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    BR retreats from 1B by mistake, is force re-established?

    what would really make things interesting would be instead of heading back to 1B (after being 1/2 way back towards HP), head straight to 2B (bypassing 1B, which she already touched). As I understand it, the basepath isn't established until there's an attempted play on the runner, so the ensuing...
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    High School coach

    maybe he expects her to compete for SS next year, and not OF?
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    Infield fly rule

    MJ, Thanks for posting. Please don't wait another 8 years to contribute again! :) dlsump and Lance probably already answered the question. However, I'm wondering by the way you worded the question if you still have some confusion on the infield fly rule (IFR)? (Take a look through this...
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    Fastpitch hitting - men vs. women

    Per USSSA rules, women’s fences should be 200-225. Men’s is 225-265. Which is still shorter than almost every slow pitch softball field (~280-300). The few men’s games I’ve seen, very few balls are getting barreled up, so maybe Bill H. or other former players can attest to how far they...
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    Smoking Marucci deal!

    So the welcome420 is for jbg? There was a pop-up add on the Marucci site to sign up for emails and get 10% as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoking Marucci deal!

    Sorry boss - if it was held on that day that ends in “y”, I’m pretty sure I had practice that night. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Smoking Marucci deal!

    They also have a fastpitch-specific line - Magnolia and Palmetto. Look like even their “CMOD” (baseball) line is 1/2 off. https://maruccisports.com/fastpitch/fielding-gloves/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need ideas for Try outs

    Consider moving away from static stretching and look into dynamic warmups. https://www.wassermanstrength.com/free-dynamic-warm/ If you watch soccer at all, look at the drills they do before subbing in, or the group warmups done before the match starts - there's really no standing around in a...
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    Single hinge catchers mitt

    There should be the option to put a "dunce" emoji on you're own post - I forgot that the glove I actually own, and just recommended (Liberty Advanced) is single hinge. Doh! So I had DD (first year 12U) hold it last night, and she said it felt too heavy (she's not a BIG girl, but not on the...
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    Baseball Forum

    Spending time on both DFP and BBF has only solidified my belief that whether you're trying to hit a yellow ball or a white ball, a good swing is a good swing. And that the ability for people to talk past each other in vehement agreement is nearly universal.
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    Good deal at the Myrtle Beach outlet

    I'm not going to touch that one... 😏 And I think I see what you mean by shortening it up - wider vs. taller/longer fingers. Thanks for the pic, I'll give them a call tomorrow to see if it's still available - we have an IF/P who could use a new one.
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    Add Favorite Catching Picture

    Is that the glove that was just relaced? 3 week break in time on a catchers mitt is impressive! I can almost hear Aso clapping in the distance. :-)
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    40% Code Wilson Outlet

    So that's what they mean when they say "factory break-in". And did I read your other post correctly - are you using this for softball, or getting this one since your original is too stretched out for baseball?
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    Good deal at the Myrtle Beach outlet

    AD - based on your comment in the other thread, you think this would be too small for a smaller 12U utility player to use in the OF? Looking for a teammate, she splits time b/w MI and OF (30/70 split). I was thinking a "deep" 12" would be a good option, or are the above "deep" comments more in...
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    Based on the amount of points OU has given up over the last few seasons, I'd say they're well past "if they had to", and are quickly approaching "well they can't do any worse...".