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    Is rotation nonsense?

    Is rotation nonsense? Watching the game and watching how you could split the body right down the center creating the front and back, Frontal plane. This goes for both hitting and pitching.
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    What does this tell you?

    What does this check swing tell you?
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    Thoughts on this swing

    What do you see, looks like a pretty level swing.
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    Like this swing too

    What are your thoughts on this swing? I’m not sure what the pitch velocity was. He seems to get the front toe down early.
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    Please delete
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    Why is this hitter hitting in the low 200’s?

    Thoughts or reason for this hitter hitting in the low .200’s.
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    I like this swing

    He is hitting inside pitch the other way, off a fastball. That isn’t why I’m posting the swing. I like the coil and move out. I will post a clip I like of Sosa.
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    Pitching machine

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    Epstein focuses on torque created from the lower body opening as the top half goes back. That is the core of the swing, torque. Are we always focused on the opening? Or are we supposed to think opening and not closing?
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    Hitting screens

    I know a few of you said they used one like this one Do they really take a direct hit well?
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    More natural FYB and launch position?

    Is this a more natural FYB, using gravity to sit and stretch?
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    High one

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    Who said an arm bar is bad?

    Not all hitters have their hands even with the back shoulder. Some have them farther back.
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    Is all coiling done by pitch release? Is it like pitching where a coil is done at the beginning of the motion?
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    Weight shift

    This is a style, coiled 80 to 100 percent, then ride the back leg.
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    Springer bomb

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    Hard right turn

    I forget what thread this was posted in. Only that the hands make a hard turn. I’ll try to load a picture of this later. Maybe tonight if I can’t sleep.
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    Best 10 bucks ever

    If you want to hear some good advice that is making more and more sense. Watch teacherman in the last 2 weeks. You will have all his lessons that lead up to the last 2 weeks. Never mis Richards show.