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    F21 Mizuno Carbon 1

    Love the F21 PC! Yes you have to find the perfect size/weight for your daughter though. It makes a huge difference. I never thought my kid would swing a drop 9. Definitely consider one...I would put it against all of the big name bats!
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    AFX Gear

    Thanks! I actually already ordered both sizes and went with the small. Thanks again for your message.
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    2021 Mizuno Power Carbons

    I will vouch for the F21. We’ve had the F19, F20, and now the F21. It is definitely a bit hotter and even some mishits get hit hard! You will also not find a better deal than what you will get with Core.
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    AFX Gear

    I’ll call them Monday.
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    AFX Gear

    Thanks! Yea, that’s exactly how her current chest protector fits...like a small tshirt. It just stinks how the sizes from each company vary. She currently has a 13” Schutt. That’s kind of like their “medium” size. I can’t find the AFX anywhere except the All Star site. I don’t think they...
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    AFX Gear

    Anyone have this gear? Looking for sizing answers about the chest protector. I bought the Evoshield chest and my daughter doesn’t care for it. For that price I’m not keeping it if she doesn’t like it. We ordered the 13.5” and it was too small anyway. I want to try the AFX and I’m not sure...
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    EvoShield Catchers Gear

    Gotcha, thanks. My kid is 5’8 about 130 lbs. Five of the 5’8 is her legs!!! I‘m wondering if I should go with the small. I’m sold on the chest protector though. I’m sure it will be nice.
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    EvoShield Catchers Gear

    So what size chest protector did you get? They only offer two sizes right? My daughter uses a 13” Schutt at the moment and it fits well. She’s tall but it’s mostly in her legs. I’m thinking about upgrading the chest this season. It looks like it adjusts very well for a snug fit.
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    Looking for help on new catcher gear for DD

    And the way the straps are located on the S4.0 I read that knee savers can’t be used? Not sure about that...my kid doesn’t use them.
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    Looking for help on new catcher gear for DD

    Quality wise I would think it’s similar, right bmakj? I just know when the reps were there we got their newest line. I don’t see much difference with the CP. The newer shin guards just have that wraparound piece that makes it easier to take on/off. I think there’s one less buckle on the...
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    Looking for help on new catcher gear for DD

    I’ll second the Schutt gear. My daughter has been wearing it for a few years. She has the S3.5 CP, S4.0 guards, and the 2966 mask with the Titanium face mask. She just caught 7 games this weekend in upper 90 degree weather and stayed as cool as she could. It protects but is lightweight and...
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    Team cancelling TCS Myrtle - no refunds

    Entrance fee is like $1700 I think. How can you justify keeping all of that money?
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    Custom Rawlings opportunity......

    If I would have waited an extra couple of weeks before buying a glove there would have been four of those gloves made!
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    Catchers mitt - Annasdad

    I can vouch for the All Star!
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    New All Star Mitt

    Where did you buy the older version?
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    New All Star Mitt

    And I only have the new one so I can’t help either. It is very nice though. Still breaking it in. It’s starting to close a little easier.
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    Easton Small Batch

    The Easton is a sweet glove! My daughter has a skinny wrist and long skinny fingers. She said the wrist stall feels good and we did NOT relace it to make it smaller. That would really make it snug. I like it for a second baseman...you’ll be able to make quick transfers with it. At some...
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    Outfield glove 14 yr old

    Listen to Annasdad! 👍

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