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  1. guyonabuffalo

    TTB and Swing Adjustability

    Exactly, and it leads to this type of instruction.....
  2. guyonabuffalo

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    Not only that, you also play many more games in travel than you do in rec.
  3. guyonabuffalo

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    There you go making sense again ;) I agree with this, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. The "interested, committed, and qualified volunteers" are parents that are mostly into it for their own DD. They join the league board for their own best interests. Also with the decline of HS...
  4. guyonabuffalo

    Travel Ball is Killing Rec Ball

    That's unfortunate and it sounds like you need to find another travel team. I would venture to say that most travel teams are not like that, at least the many that I've seen aren't. I ran a travel team for 2.5 years and we never charged a dime to the families, other than their initial...
  5. guyonabuffalo

    What makes you lose your mind?

    1. Telling a player to do something and they nod to you that they understand. The very next play they have an opportunity to do what you just told them to do and they don't do it...... 2. A pitcher telling you that she throws three different pitches, yet they all look exactly the same..... 3...
  6. guyonabuffalo

    “Stay Tall”

    No offense, but if it's been a year with a PC and they haven't addressed/resolved that issue yet then maybe you should look for a different PC. Not saying the one you're seeing isn't good but maybe they just aren't getting through to your DD. Sometimes a different person explaining the same...
  7. guyonabuffalo

    The flute player

    When I coached rec I had a spreadsheet with the lineup and positions they were playing 3-4 games in advance. I spent a lot of time making sure everyone had equal playing time, only so I didn't have to hear it from the parents. I had a system and it worked, that is until a parent or two would...
  8. guyonabuffalo

    Been A While - Need Some Advice

    With some quick fingers on the pause button, I was able to pull these frames from the other swing you posted. You can see how she starts to get the barrel to work behind her to get on plane while the hands stay back with the rear shoulder. My guess is you'll see less of a turn of that barrel...
  9. guyonabuffalo

    Been A While - Need Some Advice

    My DD suffers from a high attack angle and it's something that we've been correcting. What I found with her is that she wasn't turning the barrel back very much she was mostly pushing her hands down to the ball. When she had a high attack angle, I wouldn't see the bottom of the knob when...
  10. guyonabuffalo

    Who's Coaching Your Kids??

    I look forward to one of those as well. Unfortunately they are few and far in between IME. I was one of those dads who stepped up to coach my daughter's first year 12u travel team. Half of her 10u team aged out so I decided to take that half and find other girls to play. I didn't know exactly...
  11. guyonabuffalo

    The flute player

    This right here. Look, this is 8u REC and it doesn't matter how you run the team(travel/ultimate/select/elite/national/preferred/all-stars/etc,etc.....) it's still 8u REC. As many have said, you can't blame the kid on the actions of the parents. I'd "evaluate" her and whenever she shows up put...
  12. guyonabuffalo

    everyone still feel good about the Mizuna PC F20? My dd needs to go heavier

    My DD still loves her PC F20. It does rattle on miss hits but it feels great when hit right. Provides the feedback that she's looking for.
  13. guyonabuffalo

    Baseball Express 30% off sale..

    That is purdy
  14. guyonabuffalo

    Abbott throwing gas at the Stand Beside Her Tour

    Yep I posted this out of mine and my DD's, as well as others in the stands, pure excitement over the gas she was bringing. Don't really care if she could've pitched faster or not. It was impressive to see live nonetheless.
  15. guyonabuffalo

    Abbott throwing gas at the Stand Beside Her Tour

    If you've never seen Monica Abbott pitch live and up close, I highly recommend it. I don't think this video is doing it any justice, she was throwing fireballs out there. Hit 72 on the gun!
  16. guyonabuffalo

    How do you pick a travel program?

    My 5 y/o is starting her second season of t-ball and my only focus is for her to have fun and hope she learns a little bit about the game along the way. I figure when she turns 10 or 11, she'll make the same decision as her older sister to continue to pursue softball. If she doesn't then I'm ok...
  17. guyonabuffalo

    How do you pick a travel program?

    No offense to anyone who replied, but this is the best piece of advice right here.
  18. guyonabuffalo

    Greetings From South/Central Florida

    I know where Wauchula is :D
  19. guyonabuffalo

    Pitching instructor won’t allow dd coach to attend lesson

    I would've just told the PI that "Uncle Charlie" is in town and would be attending his niece's pitching lesson. Bingo bango. :LOL:

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