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  1. BB875

    Help with Hitting- Lefty Power hitter

    I have an outstanding kid on my 14U travel team. She struggles with hitting at times and I was looking for some drills we can incorporate into our indoor practices. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks! https://youtu.be/OY0VfLDMH2s
  2. BB875

    Tips/drills for getting DD to use her hips and lower body

    My DD is a good contact hitter, very strong kid for her age(14U), has one of the better batting averages on her TB team, but uses mostly her upper body for her swing. Over the winter I would like to work with her to improve her swing. I ask this question in the "Hitting Practical" section...
  3. BB875

    Air Travel Help!

    Can anyone give advice on the most economical way to travel by air concerning equipment? Oldest DD is playing in Orlando in October. Last year a parent drove and took everyone's bat bag plus other equipment. This year we have to figure out the best/most economical way. Her head coach asked...
  4. BB875

    Outfield Angle Question

    I have a question about outfielders taking proper angles to balls hit in the gaps. I see some of my outfielders taking "swooping" angles and not in a direction that is most efficient. Its like they run towards the ball's trajectory path, but mis-judge where is will be in relation to their...
  5. BB875

    DD#1 Swing Comments or advice

    Below is DD#1's skills video. She is a junior and 2013 grad. Any advice on tweaking her swing would be appreciated. She has a wide stance, but that is what she likes. SHe had a very good HS season last season & not bad on her club team. I am looking to help her improve during the off...
  6. BB875

    Team websites and the fall season

    Coaches, I thought it would be cool to share a website you may have of your team and share any stories with regard to the fall season. Below is my team: https://sites.google.com/site/easterniowabarracudas98/ We moved up from 12U to 14U this fall. I was a bit nervous as I know there is a huge...
  7. BB875

    Rule#1 for new coaches

    Don't befriend the parents because someday you will have to cut their daughter!:(
  8. BB875

    DD#3 Pitching Clips

    My DD#3 just turned 9YO and started her first year of TB and rec ball. She has been taking pitching lessons for about a year now and I'm really taking it easy with her. She LOVES softball & we are trying to just let her have fun. However, in her first rec game she had 4Ks in 2 innings and...
  9. BB875

    Pitching Video of DD and advice

    DD has been on & off for 4 years. We changed instructors and she has a new interest in pitching. She hung it up 2 years ago after getting hit while pitching. We let her cool off a year and forget about it. This year she has regained interest & I want to get her going in the right direction...

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