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  1. J

    Hittrax on the "higher side of reality"?

    I've been getting emails about "Friday night fights" with hittrax and some of the numbers on the leaderboard are pretty damn high. I've heard before that hittrax kinda scores you on the high side of reality, as if you were hitting in a vacuum. I'm considering this as a fun thing for my DD to...
  2. J

    Clearing 280' opposing!

    I posted a vid a few months back of my DD hitting 280'. (Hit the bottom of a 280' fence.) Her next goal was to clear it (6' fence). We haven't had a lot of good days for achieving that goal, the wind typically blows against you at this field and we've had zero calm days, plus we just don't go...
  3. J


    This is one of the fields we go to in order to practice. (Usually just my DD and a friend.) I use google maps to verify field/fence size and it's right at 280 to center. The corners are right around 275 so it's mostly between 275-280 all the way around. The goal was to hit the fence, so it...
  4. J

    Your honest opinion...

    Posting here hoping to get some good advice about my DD and college. She's at a bit of a cross roads and is either going to call it quits, or continue on and "grin and bear it". Backstory, she's a 2021. She's a "good" catcher, a "good" fielder (1B and OF), but not what I'd call upper level...
  5. J

    So your DD is going to pick up the phone and call a college coach... What should she say?

    As the title basically says it all, what should she say when she talks to a coach for the first time? This would be the head asst coach, the head coach does not publish her number. However, this coach is the batting coach and that's my DD's largest selling point. So would appreciate some tips...
  6. J

    Help me understand the recruiting calendar better...

    My DD is a rising junior, so that Sept 1st date is only a few weeks away. I still don't really "get" the calendar that the NCAA put out though. (https://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2018-19DIREC_SoftballRecruitingCalendar_20180628.pdf) 1.) It's my understanding that my DD can pick up the...
  7. J

    Stay or go...

    I'm looking for honest opinions here, this isn't a case where I'm looking for people to reinforce my preset thoughts and opinions. This will be long with no quick synopsis. :D My DD plays for a decent team, this is the 3rd season she's been with them. She's the oldest girl on the team, an...
  8. J

    Any one have a good, generic, showcase flyer template?

    It's starting to be mostly all showcase time for my DD. She's doing fill ins here and there and I'd prefer to have a good, generic template for her flyer as opposed to a team specific one when she's not playing with that team. I figured someone out there has a good xls or doc template that...
  9. J

    Any services "worth" purchasing?

    As my DD enters prime recruiting age, I'm wondering if there are any "must have" services that can really help recruiting. A friend mentioned his daughter was using hudl but she's also a national star in basketball playing on the national under armor team. He said it's used for softball as...
  10. J

    Golfclubgreg , please respond to me

    With the blessings of the admin, I'm openly asking for @Golfclubgreg to please respond after the purchase I made from you. 10 days now.
  11. J

    First time playing a true 18u team

    My DD and her team moved up to 16/18u last weekend. The team is all 14u basically with the exception of my DD at 15. They moved up to 16u and started their season last weekend. Around here USSSA is mostly "HS" group so 16u and 18u all play together. Yesterday they finished their way through...
  12. J

    What are the blackout/green dates for D1 recruiting?

    Someone had a jpg posted before of the dates D1 coaches can go to showcases and watch games. My DD is targeting a few schools so I'd like to have those dates before she makes fresh contact about her spring schedule.
  13. J

    The putrid cleats of pestilence...

    I'm sure many of you have dealt with this. They stink so bad you BETTER not leave them in your trunk overnight, let alone in the back seat floorboard. They've been a great set of cleats though and are still in very good condition. So is there a way to get rid of the horrid stench? I've tried...
  14. J

    Good vids that breakdown throwdown mechanics?

    My DD is mainly a C, 1B, and sometimes OF. In baseball she was a catcher, mainly secondary, and her sole job was to let nothing get past her. She's good at that. However, she doesn't have strong throwdown skills, at least on the stopwatch. This past weekend she did a prospect camp at a...
  15. J

    Question about emailing coaches your schedule

    Our org FB group just posted a message about emailing college coaches your tournament schedule per weekend. My question though is, Can a coach even watch? This being for D1. It's my understanding they only have a small window per year that they're able to come and watch your DD play. Per the...
  16. J

    1B question

    Not to deter from another thread where I posted some info on my lack of understanding, I'd like to openly ask a few questions here. My DD's main position is C then 1B. As I'm mentioned many times, she's coming from BB. Catching there's little to no difference. 1B though has some differences...
  17. J

    Good end to a fun year

    First year playing fastpitch has been a pretty good one. DD is an '03 but played on a mostly '04 14u "A" team. They've played 16u a few times and played a good sized showcase in 16u this past weekend at N Myrtle Beach. The weather sucked, but the girls played fantastic. Played some really...
  18. J

    What do you say to the knob to the ball coach?

    Yesterday, my DD attended a private tryout for a pretty good team in the local area. It's a husband and wife team, within a highly respected org, that have no DDs on their team. However, the coach started instructing my DD on how to hit. My DD's first season of travel softball was this past...
  19. J

    Crazy ideas, but why not?

    Absolute crazy rambling, but really curious about these ideas and maybe will spark a good discussion. Allow pitchers to throw overhand. As I was reading the comments in the other thread about such a large pitcher shortage, why not allow girls to throw overhand? Throwing underhand takes such a...
  20. J

    Give me some pointers for my daughter writing a letter to a college coach

    My daughter has her first interest in a school. I told her to start with writing a snail mail letter to the coach to start with. Here's a big one though, her travel ball org will be putting on a camp that has a lot of good school coaches signed up, including this one. So, she wants that coach...

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